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From under-the-radar podcasts to can't-miss gallery shows, here are some of the experiences we can't stop thinking about.


on Hulu:

It's been a century since the Black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma was devastated by a violent white mob. The assault killed hundreds of residents, displaced thousands more and decimated what was known as the thriving community's Black Wall Street. This new documentary features accounts from those who witnessed the destruction and interviews with historians to bring context to this underrepresented event in American history.

Tulsa massacre
Library of Congress


Deana Lawson show
at The Guggenheim; New York, NY:

The large-scale photographs in this show (some of which take the form of holograms) are carefully arranged around a central torus, a three-dimensional shape formed by a circle rotated around a central axis. The idea stems from the scientific concept of centropy, which describes regeneration and order. This concept of coming together reflects the connectivity of the Black diaspora that Lawson explores in her work and that guides her choice of subject.

Guggenheim museum skylight
Ben Hider


Limited Series
on Netflix:

A limited series based on the life of its namesake designer, the new Netflix show Halston offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most mythologized periods in fashion. The series' five episodes chart Halston's start as a milliner at Bergdorf Goodman through his success at the Battle of Versailles and beyond–until bad business decisions and substance abuse derailed his career.

Halston Netflix Ewan McGregor


Film by Nan Goldin
at Marian Goodman; New York, NY:

Acclaimed photographer Nan Goldin is showing for the first time in five years and debuting a haunting new film dubbed Sirens. It marks Goldin's first work made entirely from found footage (sourced from thirty of her favorite movies) and gets its name from the mythical Greek sirens whose songs drew sailors to an early death. The arresting work is meant to entrance viewers, recreating the ecstasy of being high.

Nan Goldin Memory Lost Marian Goodman Sirens
Sirens, 2019 - 2020. Installation view, Nan Goldin, Memory Lost, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, 2021. Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery. Photo credit: Alex Yudzon. Copyright: Nan Goldin.


Wild Wild Country episode
on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more:

Hosted by a Canadian duo, this podcast specializes in topics that exist in a realm somewhere between the strange and the philosophical. Its latest episode, discussing the Netflix docu-series Wild Wild Country, was actually recorded in 2019 but only just released. The hosts travel through the same rural Oregon territory documented in the series and examine the intersection between class, spirituality and nature Wild Wild Country uncovers.

Wild Wild Country Netflix


Book by Alex Dimitrov
Copper Canyon Press:

The third book of poetry by Alex Dimitrov, this latest work aims to elevate the everyday. Structured to mirror the twelve months of the year, it speaks directly to readers as if its poems were phone calls and text messages from loved ones about everything from the moon to New York City.

Alex Dimitrov Love and Other Poems book
Copper Canyon Press


Solo exhibition
at Gladstone 64; New York, NY:

Artist Arthur Jafa frequently turns to industrial materials (rubber tubing, aluminum beams) when creating his signature sculptures. This show highlights them with a minimal presentation, which allows viewers to optimally experience their subtle use of texture.

Arthur Jafa Gladstone Gallery
Gladstone Gallery


Season 2
on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more:

A podcast about the history of country music might seem niche, but this one's managed to break out (with coverage in The New Yorker, Airmail and GQ to prove it). Its second season just got going and, so far, has covered everything from the importance of producer Owen Bradley to defunct independent record labels sure to fascinate any music heads.

The Nashville A Team Owen Bradley
Cocaine & Rhinestones


The Paleta Iberico con Chips
at Ernesto's; New York, NY:

Chips are usually enough to satisfy just about anyone's cravings, but this particular spin on the crisp snack has gone viral on social media. A specialty of Ernesto's, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the dish comes topped with paper-thin slices of Iberian ham to up the savory factor.

Paleta Iberico con Chips Ernestos NYC
Melissa Hom