From standout documentary feature debuts to exciting new exhibits, here's what we're most looking forward to in June:


A Ghost in the Throat
Book release

Doireann Ní Ghríofa is known as a poet, but this new novel represents her first foray into prose. The mind-bending fictional tale tells the story of an 18th-century Irish noblewoman whose grief crosses through time to reach the author as Ní Ghríofa experiences a near encounter with her own personal tragedy.

A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ní Ghríofa



Lily Stockman x Samin Nosrat

Instagram Live conversation

12pm EST

For Platform's inaugural Instagram Live, LA-based artist Lily Stockman will join chef and TV host Samin Nosrat for a conversation on food, art and more.

Samin Nosrat; Smeeta Mahanti



A New Realism Curated by Glenn Adamson

Friedman Benda

New York, New York

This one-off presentation brings together nine designers whose work grapples with the concept (and history) of realism. The roster of makers–which includes Tanya Aguiñiga, Ferréol Babin and Ebitenyefa Baralaye–employ their artisanal know-how to craft unique objects that bridge art and design.

Thaddeus Wolfe, Untitled, 2020


JUNE 13:
The Lost Leonardo documentary premieres
Tribeca Film Festival (available to stream June 14)
New York, New York

It isn't very often that a lost work by a Renaissance master surfaces, but that's just what happened in an obscure New Orleans auction house. The religious work, entitled Salvator Mundi, was eventually verified by the world's foremost expert to be a genuine Leonardo da Vinci before it was sold for over $450 million in 2017. This doc uncovers the history behind the mysterious work in thriller-like style.

The Lost Leonardo


JUNE 22:
Kenny Rivero's show, The Floor is Crooked, opens
The Momentary at Crystal Bridges
Bentonville, Arkansas

Artist Kenny Rivero often deconstructs histories and identities proclaimed to be absolute. This solo exhibition focuses on Rivero's work created over the past decade and examines the themes he returns to again and again. See the artist's works offered on Platform here.

Kenny Rivero, Vivero, 2018


JUNE 24:
David Zwirner's exhibit series, More Life, opens as Platform releases a limited-edition charity print of the iconic Silence=Death graphic
New York, New York and London, England

Taking place between Zwirner's New York and London galleries, this series of solo exhibits marks the 40th anniversary of the Center for Disease Control's first report on what would become known as AIDS. Each show will highlight the work of an artist whose life was cut short by the disease and strive to showcase those who were underrepresented during their lifetime.

As the AIDS crisis intensified, the phrase Silence=Death was used across banners as a form of protest and, for the very first time, a fine art print of the original is being released. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of every print will go to benefit Visual AIDS, a charity using art to spark dialogue about the virus and support artists affected by HIV/AIDS.

ACT-UP Demo Federal Plaza NYC June 30, 1987. From left: Steve Gendon, Mark Aurigemma, Douglas Montgomery, Charles Stinson, Frank O’Dowd, Avram Finkelstein. Photo: Donna Binder © Donna Binder


From May 22 to June 20, the sun in Gemini–the sign of the twins–encourages us to revel in our curiosities and make new connections. Mercury (in retrograde) squares Neptune on June 5, making it a potent time for more imaginative and poetic rather than strictly fact-oriented mindsets, while a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 might signal unexpected twists. The art of Gemini painter Paul Gauguin echoes the restless spirit of the season, his perpetual investigations into other cultures and layered symbols fueling his depictions of imagined worlds. Other artists who share this dual sign include Carmen Herrera, Egon Schiele and Diego Velazquez.

Paul Gaugin, Arlésiennes (Mistral), 1888