Some of the best cultural happenings this month.


Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members
Written by Mara Vélez Meléndez; Directed by David Mendizábal

The political and economic conundrums of today already raise more than a few eyebrows, so what better answer to our times than a show that straddles the line between absurdist theater and drag show? Written by Mara Vélez Meléndez, the story centers on Lolita, a young revolutionary and trans woman who finds herself in the Wall Street office of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board. The structure of the play itself is linked to the history of Puerto Rico and is fundamentally about the decolonizing of places and people.


A Peaceful Vigor
Swivel Gallery

The warm breezes and strong sunshine of summer bring to mind vacations, gloriously lazy afternoons and all things that decompress. Swivel Gallery's new show, A Peaceful Vigor, taps into that spirit with a combined showcase including the mixed media paintings of Freddie L. Rankin II and the photography of Laurent Chevalier. Together, their works examine relaxation and retreat, and how pleasure can be a driving force toward liberation in all forms.


Crimes of the Future
Directed by David Cronenberg

"Surgery is the new sex," Timlin (played by Kristen Stewart) whispers in one telling scene from Crimes of the Future. The first feature by auteur David Cronenberg since 2014's Maps to the Stars, many of the details regarding the plot of the forthcoming film remain fuzzy. What does seem to be certain is that this latest installment in Cronenberg's filmography lands pretty squarely in the body horror genre (unsurprising from the man who gave us 1986's The Fly) with characters modifying their physiology in often grotesque ways sure to stick in the minds of audiences long after the lights go up.


Moldy Strawberries: Stories
Written by Caio Fernando Abreu

Originally published in 1982, this new translation of Caio Fernando Abreu's Moldy Strawberries tells 18 different tales set during the height of the AIDS epidemic and Brazil's military dictatorship in the 1980s. Abreu (one of Brazil's greatest and most enduring queer writers) displays incredible tenderness throughout, demonstrating hope for the future while lamenting tremendous loss.


L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
Chef Michele Rubini

In a city like New York, great pizza isn't difficult to come by. But getting a taste of the original Neapolitan stuff usually involves airfare. No longer! L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele (which opened its doors in Naples in 1870) will be laying down roots in the West Village before long. Restaurateur Francesco Zimone, who also opened the first US outpost of the business in LA in 2019, is once again taking charge. Because the original pizzeria quite literally only offers two deliciously simple pies, the menu is getting expanded to incorporate plenty of other traditional Italian fare to satisfy diners.