Some of the best cultural happenings this month.

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Shinji's Bar

Japanese bars are having something of a resurgence lately, and we've got no complaints. Founded by the team behind high-end omakase restaurant Noda, Shinji's Bar is a welcome addition to Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood. This new 26-seat outpost takes its name from cult food journalist Shinji Nohara (also known as the 'Tokyo Fixer') and offers up a tightly edited menu of drinks and small plates. When you stop by, try The Tropicana, a screwdriver-inspired libation concocted from vodka and a house-made orange liqueur.

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Cool It Down
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's been nearly a full decade since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their last album–but the indie rock group (fronted by Karen O) is coming back with a vengeance. After their new album, Cool It Down, drops at the end of September, a show at Forest Hills Stadium takes place on October 1 followed by a performance at the Hollywood Bowl on October 6.

New Directions


Kick the Latch
By Kathryn Scanlan

To write her forthcoming (and already acclaimed novel) about a horse trainer named Sonia, author Kathryn Scanlan conducted extensive interviews with a real horse trainer by the same name. The transcripts that emerged formed the foundation of her book told in a series of vignettes that trace Sonia's life along with the highs and lows she experiences at the track. Sonia's unique pattern of speech is embraced and amplified throughout, fostering a sense of closeness with the reader while sketching an intimate portrait that challenges the conventions of writing itself.


Directed by Todd Field; Starring Cate Blanchett

"Power, true power, requires camouflage. And if you want to don this mask, dance this mask, you must sublimate yourself and your identity. You must, in fact, stand in front of the public and God and obliterate yourself," says a disembodied male voice over the trailer for Todd Field's Tár. You couldn't be blamed for thinking such grandiose language served as summary for a film about a medieval king or a tragic hero from an ancient tale–but you'd be wrong. The movie in question stars Cate Blanchett as Lydia Tár, a world-renowned, revered conductor and composer of classical music widely considered to be a genius of her craft. As Lydia is in the midst of recording what she expects to be a career highlight (her rendition of Mahler's "Symphony No. 5"), her reputation comes under sharp scrutiny as an incident of impropriety and rumors of misconduct surface for the first time. The movie is already earning raves for Field (In the Bedroom; Little Children) and Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson calls Blanchett's performance her "magnum opus."

Mrs. Gallery


Ageless Machine by Robert Zehnder
Mrs. Gallery

Marking Robert Zehnder's first solo exhibition with the gallery, Ageless Machines centers on the architectural space of a cathedral–and its capacity to produce almost otherworldly spatial experiences. The works on view are signature Zehnder landscapes with a surrealist bent and bright colors, but they are also complemented by patinaed, cast-bronze sculptures which resemble the trees the artist renders in paint.