Alfred Conteh

Through his paintings and sculptures, Alfred Conteh explores the way African Americans deal with entrenched disparities that affect their communities—especially in the southern United States. His work is a visual exploration of how these communities are fighting social, economic, educational and psychological wars from within and without to survive. Known for his portraiture, Conteh’s work frequently possesses a dreamlike, almost omniscient quality—conveying an inner vision about the subjects he depicts.


Alfred Conteh was born in Fort Valley, Georgia in 1975. Conteh’s studio practice explores his identity and personal history from numerous perspectives—his mother is African American, and his father is from Sierra Leone, West Africa. His work also engages with the wider view of the entire African diaspora.

Major exhibitions of Conteh's work include: Alfred Conteh: The Sweet Spot at the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum in Atlanta, Georgia; Men of Change: Power. Triumph. Truth. at the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service; Visions of a Cultural Commentator, curated by Madeline Beck, at the Cobb Marietta Museum of Art in Marietta, Georgia; Alfred Conteh, Selected Works at the Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia; and 5 Perspectives at the Steffan Thomas Museum of Art in Madison, Georgia.

Conteh lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.