Anthony Miler

The central focus of Miler’s biomorphic landscape paintings are the glyph-like eyes; they function as both symbol and object, flipping playfully between narrative states. For each composition, the artist first precisely stains the canvas, and then over-paints it using oil pigments mixed with acrylic and water. This process creates a “high-risk environment” that doesn’t allow Miler room for any mistakes.


Anthony Miler was born in Toledo, OH in 1982. Miler received his MFA in painting from the City College of New York in New York City in 2008. He studied in the UK at the Central College Abroad and the London Metropolitan University in 2004.

Solo exhibitions of Miler’s work have taken place at: The Pit in Los Angeles, California (2021); PM/AM Gallery in London, UK (2020); Maki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan (2020 and 2019); and Thierry Goldberg in New York City (2016); among others.

Group exhibitions that have shown Miler’s work have taken place at: the Centre de Pompidou in Paris, France (2020); the Willumsens Museum in Frederikssund, Denmark (2018); and Munkeruphus in Dronningmølle, Denmark (2014).

Miler currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.