Asif Hoque

Asif Hoque paintings are creolized sagas, combining fragments of his Bangladeshi heritage with his life in Italy and the US. The artist’s composition and use of paint are deeply informed by his fascination with the classical arts. Hoque’s autobiographical and mythological works create in-between spaces that merge the contemporary with the ancient—as they address the vulnerability of multi-cultural identity.


Asif Hoque was born in 1991.

Solo exhibitions of Asif Hoque’s work include: A Loverboy’s tale at SPRING/BREAK in New York City (2020); Lover’s Rock at Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami, Florida (2020); and LOVERBOY at New Image Art in Los Angeles, California.

Other exhibitions that have shown Hoque’s work include: Plucked From The Womb Like Something Tart at 12 Gates Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2019); Almond Eyes & Curved Arms at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York (2019); Secret Garden Show in Brooklyn, New York (2019); and It’s more about us at Selena’s Mountain in Brooklyn, New York (2019). 

Hoque lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.