Chelsea Culprit

Chelsea Culprit lives in Mexico City where she works with painting, neon light, sculptural assemblage and installation. Her composite approach challenges ideas of female identity and the gender binary. She freely moves between the pictorial language of folk art and real-world imagery.


Chelsea Culprit was born in 1984 in Paducah, Kentucky. She lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

Solo exhibitions of her work include: Morán Morán in Los Angeles (2022); Malas Madres at Lulu in Mexico City (2019); Fear of Seduction at Queer Thoughts at Maureen Paley in London (2019); DMing Purgatory at Queer Thoughts in New York (2018); Fishnets at Uma Certa Falta de Coerencia in Porto, Portugal (2017); Right to Remain Elegant at Galeria La Esperanza at Barba Azul in Mexico City (2017); and Miss Universe at Yautepec in Mexico City (2016).

Culprit’s work has been featured in group exhibitions at: Tank in Shanghai; Museo Arte de Zapopan in Guadalajara, Mexico (2020); Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France (2019); the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland (2019); Revolver Gallery in Lima, Peru (2019); the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne, Australia (2018); and the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City (2018).


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