Frances Waite’s whimsically devastating drawings ask: What if the end-times are just the beginning? Combining photorealism with dream-like theatre, her work offers viewers a glimpse into the world they have created for themselves. Waite’s drawings imagine people in moments of eroticism and intimacy, navigating the mess they've inherited in both sensuous and depressing solidarity.


Frances Waite was born in 1993 in Rochester, NY. She holds a BFA in drawing from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Solo exhibitions of her work include: Hot Water at Cob in London (2021); Escape Fantasy (OVR) at Cob in London (2020); Slap the Void at Elijah Wheat Showroom in Brooklyn, New York (2018); and My Girl at Elijah Wheat Showroom in Brooklyn, New York (2016).

Numerous group exhibitions have shown her work, including: Western Exhibitions Drawing Biennial at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, Illinois (2021); Female Trouble at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, Illinois, (2020); Island at Ramp Gallery in London, United Kingdom, (2020); Graduation at Good Mother Gallery in Oakland, California, (2019); The Anti Art Fair with Elijah Wheat Showroom in London, United Kingdom, (2019); Here for the Right Reasons (curated by Janie Korn & Artie Niederhoffer) at Sleep Center in New York City (2017); Nasty Women at Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, New York (2017); Tie His Hands Gently (curated by Aurel Schmidt) at Romeo in New York City (2017); No Empty Vessels at Gildar Gallery in Denver, Colorado (2016); Her Mojo at ASH Art & Space in Long Island City, New York (2016); Phantasmagoria at Kunsthalle Projects in Brooklyn, New York (2015). 

Her subversive approach to photorealistic graphite drawing has been recognized in notable arts and culture publications, including: Vogue Magazine; Playboy Magazine; Fukt Magazine for Contemporary Drawing; Huffington Post; and Vice's The Creators Project. In 2018 Frances was included in Vogue magazine’s World 100, recognized as one of the most influential creators of the year.

She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.