Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez’s oil portrait paintings examine Cuban current events and politics. The artist employs a classical technique, achieving a realism that brings viewers into a close relationship with his paintings’ subjects. Sanchez creates scenes of togetherness and social unity populated by figures drawn from his own life—characters that serve as exemplars of the warm yet stoic nature of Cuban culture.


Gabriel Sanchez was born in Miami, Florida in 1993. The Cuban-American artist received a BFA at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Solo exhibitions of Sanchez’s work include Remote Generation at Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica, California (2019). 

Group exhibitions that have shown Sanchez’s work include: Stay with me at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California; Figures at Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Los Angeles, California; Tiny Visions at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, California; Synchronicity at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado; Take Me Back to November at 1015 Pearl St in Boulder, Colorado; Where We Stand at the Visual Arts Complex in Boulder, Colorado; Artmix at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Colorado; Something that Means Something at Madelife in Boulder, Colorado; and Kings Exhibition at the Visual Arts Complex in Boulder, Colorado. 

Sanchez splits his time between Colorado and Cuba.