Heather Drayzen

Heather Drayzen makes small-scale paintings of quiet, domestic scenes featuring herself and her loved ones. Drawing from her interior world and emotions, she heightens experiences like sharing a cup of morning coffee, grabbing a bite from the fridge, or napping with dogs through atmospheres of iridescent golden light. The chromatic intensity and subject matter in Drayzen's paintings feel undeniably contemporary, yet she also borrows elements from historical masters, such as Bonnard, Vuillard, Morisot, and Munch. The artist pares down parts of her paintings to varying degrees, which creates a psychological energy that flirts between figuration and abstraction. Meanwhile, fields of Day-Glo color contrast with more neutral tones to offer viewers a generous sensory experience. Overall, Drayzen's painted vignettes are placed within a longer timeline, creating a luminous, emotional narrative.


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