Izzy Barber’s paintings are full of rhythmic geometric allusions to New York City's moods and architecture, moving between abstract and figurative styles. She is a plein air painter, someone who paints outside the studio, and often returns to the same street corners to work. Her bold and atmospheric style also conveys a surprising intimacy, offering observations of daily life, movement,light and color.


Izzy Barber, born in 1990, is from Gowanus, Brooklyn. She received her MFA from the New York Studio School in 2017 and her BA in Studio Arts and Human Rights from Bard College in 2011.

Exhibitions include Maspeth Moon (2021) at James Fuentes and Last Call and Chinatown Paintings through James Fuentes Online (2020), as well as at: Galleria Franco Noero in Turin, Italy; the New Orleans Art Center; and the 2012 Brucennial; among others.

She lives and works in Queens, New York.

"Even during the empty streets and quiet nights of lockdowns and quarantines, you could always feel the city buzzing through the darkness. I try to stay out long enough to paint something that transcends that one night I happened to be there." — Izzy Barber