Jillian Evelyn’s flat acrylic paintings combine graphic shapes, contorted forms and a narrow color palette to depict the female figure. The artist’s compositions are vignettes of quiet daily life—subtle scenes of presence and growth—that encourage the viewer to self-reflect. Creating unique contemporary narratives within the greater context of illustration, figuration and art history, Evelyn’s works explore the overarching struggles and social anxieties of women.


Jillian Evelyn was born in Michigan in 1987. The artist studied illustration at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and worked as a successful commercial illustrator before beginning a career in fine art.

Exhibitions of Evelyn’s work have taken place at: Hashimoto Contemporary in New York City; Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, California; and New Image Art in Los Angeles, California.

Evelyn’s work has been reviewed in Juxtapoz, Vice, Playboy, among other publications.

Evelyn lives and works in Los Angeles, California.