Lillian Paige Walton

Lillian Paige Walton’s work features dense and mysterious narratives that are as surreal as they are mundane. The artist uses graphite and color-pencil to create works that oscillate between representations of everyday life and the depiction of looming unknown forces—creating interlocking psychological and existential tableaus. In Walton’s work, dread lurks around the corners of quiet scenes that feature women reading, writing and showering.


Lillian Paige Walton was born in 1990. The artist received an MFA from Hunter College in New York City in 2017.

Solo and two-person exhibitions of Walton’s work include: Six Drawings at King’s Leap in New York City (2021); Overflow: A Brief History of the Participatory Audience with TVTV at ISCP in Brooklyn, New York (2017); and WADS (We Already Died So), with Laura Hunt at U.S. Blues in Brooklyn, New York.

Group exhibitions that have shown Walton’s work have taken place at: the online edition of May Fair Art Fair in New Zealand (2020); Hotel Art Pavilion in Brooklyn, New York (2017); Alyssa Davis Gallery in New York City (2017); Liebhartsgasse 49/19 in Vienna, Austria (2017); King’s Leap in Brooklyn, New York (2017); MINI/Goethe Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38 in New York City (2017); and 15 Orient Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Walton has published a short story collection, Meter-Wide Button, with Sapp Press in 2021 and a self-published chapbook, Blooming Event, in 2017.

Walton’s work has been covered in numerous publications, including: The Art Paper, BOMB Magazine, The Manhattan Art Review and Hyperallergic, among others.

Walton lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.