Melvin Nesbitt Jr.

Melvin Nesbitt Jr.’s storytelling and visual arts practice is a poignant examination of race and poverty in contemporary society. In collage and mixed media works, the artist orchestrates cohesive scenes of his youth from bold saturated primary colors and seemingly disparate individual elements—including painted paper, wire and fabric. By portraying the joyful innocence of his childhood, Nesbitt Jr.’s work reconceivies the Black American experience.



Melvin Nesbitt Jr. was born in South Carolina. The artist grew up in the 1980s in a Spartanburg housing project, an experience that influences his artistic practice. 

Nesbitt’s work has an extensive exhibition history at institutions, including at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MOCADA) in Brooklyn, New York.

Nesbitt is an Art Bank grantee and a recent fellow of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Nesbitt lives and works in Washington, DC.