Miles Huston’s practice, rooted in studies of “natural” patterns, frequently employs systems of lines to create irregular and infinitely repeating tile motifs. The artist’s paintings explore how interactions of color are shaped by their size and proximity, overlapping forms to create illusions of space, depth and motion. Huston’s work can take many hours to complete, and reveal their handmade quality upon close inspection—with the traces of errors and revisions included in the final composition.


Miles Huston, born in 1981 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an artist, designer and curator. He holds an MFA from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. 

Solo and group exhibitions of Huston’s work have taken place at: Gordon Robichaux in New York City; Planet Earth LLC in Woodbridge, Connecticut; Parker Gallery in Los Angeles, California; Reyes Projects in Detroit, Michigan; Princess in New York City; Adler Beatty in New York City; Cave in Detroit, Michigan; Night Gallery in Los Angeles, California; and Room East in New York City.

Huston’s curatorial projects include: This Must Be the Place at 55 Walker in New York City; Black Cherokee at Room East in New York City; Walk Artisanal in Los Angeles, California; and Clorox/Envy in Brooklyn, New York.

Huston co-founded the artist-run space KNOWMOREGAMES in Brooklyn, New York. The artist is a member of the Gryorgy Kepes Panel Committee in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Huston lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.