Moises Salazar

As the child of immigrant parents in Chicago, nonbinary artist Moises Salazar experienced firsthand the instability and violence of living in the United States. Therefore, the artist advocates for their communities with paintings that explore their interest in Colonial, Mexican, and Catholic histories alongside LGTBQIA+ narratives. As a non-binary, first-generation Mexican American, Salazar creates states of conflict in their work since their lived experience has been one of constant combat, instability, discrimination, and erasure. The artist is especially interested in using iconographies of their various identities to create new images of queer and immigrant representation. Using the oft-stigmatized material of glitter, Salazar depicts queer and immigrant bodies by using their own faceless likeness as a stand-in for any queer Latinx youth. Inspired by fashion and drag culture, these figures are proudly defiant and glamorously embellished with fabrics, textures, and traditional Mexican craft techniques. Through this process, Salazar immortalizes their painted bodies to combat the erasure of these communities and transform that pain into healing energy.


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