Paul Anagnostopoulos

Paul Anagnostopoulos’s colorful and intricate paintings explore mythological desire and melancholy through contemporary queer narratives. Acting as postcards from a theoretical timeless journey, these cloudy memories in oil and acrylic evoke a longing for nostalgia and, like Sappho’s adjective γλυκύπικρον (glukupikron), a “sweet-bitter” feeling. The artist’s vibrant and at times gaudy colors both seduce the viewer and allude to kitsch and camp, conjuring moments of both humor and melodrama. Celebrating queer intimacy and storytelling through scenes from ancient art, gay erotica, and life drawing, Anagnostopoulos reimagines historical, hyper-masculine images as sensitive and emotional. Ultimately, he uses mythic stories as a vehicle for expression encourages viewers to meditate on queer history and focus on a neglected perspective.


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