Sean Sullivan

In his practice, Sean Sullivan adopts a distinct series of limitations to evokes simple mechanical processes. For example, limitations in early recording technology overlaid musical performances with otherworldly tones—atmospheric conditions beyond the artist’s control. Similarly, Sullivan uses a primitive transfer process that “records” in paint the lines and forms of his drawings—as well as capturing unpredictable marks of chance.


Sean Sullivan was born in the Bronx, New York in 1975.

Solo and two-person exhibitions of Sullivan’s work have taken place at: Feuilleton in Los Angeles, California (2020); BDDW Annex Gallery in New York City (2019); String Figures, with Christoph Schellberg, a collaboration between Markus Luttgen Gallery and Linn Luhn Gallery  in Dusseldorf, Germany (2019); à ùne éa at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York City (2018); WEST / END / BLUES at 57w57Arts in New York City (2017); Ubbe & Sacco at 510 Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, New York City (2017); and Sunset, Saudade Station at Devening Projects in Chicago, Illinois (2017).

Group exhibitions that have shown Sullivan’s work have taken place at: Chris Sharp Gallery in Los Angeles, California (2021); Slow and Everywhere Like Breath at Markus Luettgen Gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany (2020); Solitude at Shrine Gallery in New York City (2020); Ute Parduhn Gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany (2018); Mon Oncle at Museum for Drawing in Hunningen, Belgium (2017); and We’ll turn Manhattan into an island of joy at Markus Luttgen Gallery in Cologne, Germany (2017).

Sullivan lives and works in Hudson, New York.