Tyler Vlahovich

Tyler Vlahovich’s non-representational paintings aspire—and fail—to depict nothing much at all. His work, similar to the literary output of Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka, is like a riddle in reverse. Vlahovich’s paintings serve as provisional answers to what seem to be fundamentally private questions—each work is like a spur of the moment challenge to painting itself.


Tyler Vlahovich was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1967. 

Three solo exhibitions of Vlahovich’s work have taken place at Feature Inc. in New York City, from 2003 through its closure in 2014. Other solo exhibitions of Vlahovich’s work have taken place at: Feuilleton in Los Angeles, California (2020); Farbvision in Berlin, Germany (2018); Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles, California (2017); Twig Gallery in Brussels, Belgium (2011); John Tevis Gallery in Paris, France (2006); and Mary Goldman Gallery in Los Angeles, California (2003).

Vlahovich lives and works in Los Angeles, California.