Wendy Cabrera Rubio's textile and performance art crosses boundaries—between high and low culture, image and object, and narration and action. Her work examines mass culture’s production and distribution of images, especially by animation and caricature. Through a process that includes interdisciplinary collaborations and rewriting the archive, Cabrera explores the resurgence of the extreme right alongside the rise of biotechnology and the Pan-American project.


Wendy Cabrera Rubio was born in 1993 in Mexico City, Mexico. She holds an undergraduate degree from the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City. After earning her degree, she studied at the Programa Educativo SOMA in Mexico City.

Solo and two-person exhibitions of Cabrera Rubio’s work have taken place at: the Museo Jumex in Mexico City; Kurimanzutto in Mexico City; PEANA in Monterrey, Mexico; anonymous gallery in New York City; GAMA ¼ in Mexico City; Biquini Wax EPS, in Mexico City; QUEENS in Los Angeles, California; and Nordenhake Gallery in Mexico City.

Group exhibitions showing Cabrera Rubio’s work have taken place at: the Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Artes in Mexico City; Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City; Karen Huber Gallery in Mexico City; Curro in Guadalajara, Mexico; Lodos in Mexico City; anonymous gallery in Mexico City; Ex-Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City; the Museo de la Ciudad in Mexico City; Sala de Arte Pública Siqueiros in Mexico City; and the Colegio Nacional in Mexico City; among others.

Cabrera Rubio lives and works in Mexico City.