This painting is part of a series of quiet museum and art studio interiors that serve as narratives of powerlessness, isolation and crisis. This work, full of flourishes and gestural marks that create a sense of visual mystery, depicts the present entangled between past and future tensions.

① Artwork:

Darkening Muse

This painting is part of a series by the artist depicting quiet interiors, including unpopulated museums and vacant artists’ studios. Each one serves as a narrative of powerlessness, isolation and crisis. The artist has imbued the canvas with flourishes and gestural marks, demonstrating her favor for dynamic composition. This work shifts between the recognizable and the uncanny, creating a sense of visual mystery.


37 inches
47 inches

③ Artist:

Elizabeth Schwaiger

Elizabeth Schwaiger is a research-based artist whose work depicts the looming climate crises and the power dynamics behind it. Her paintings frequently employ water symbolism as well as techniques such as overlay. Schwaiger constructs images exploring the precarious present as well as the interplay of the unseen forces that govern our world—while also providing the viewer with a moment to pause and reflect.

Elizabeth Schwaiger:
Darkening Muse, 2020
Watercolor, acrylic, and ink on canvas
47.0 × 37.0 inches /