This painting depicts a red angel with blue wings in a pose that evokes classical Renaissance compositions. The work is displayed in a burned wood frame carved with a leaf designs, creating a completely integrated work.
Framed: 17.2 x 13.2 x 2.0 in.

① Artwork:

Earth Angel #1

This painting depicts a red angel with blue wings. The figure's pose evokes classical compositions of angels from the Renaissance, but the proportions and coloring make the figure unique. The composition is displayed in a burned wood frame carved with a leaf design, creating a completely integrated work.

The artist's figures are drawn from flora and fauna, as well as mythological narratives. The characters inhabit a fantastical and deeply spiritual dreamscape that retraces the subconscious—creating a unique universe that is poetic and humorous, as well as tender and bold. The absence of a traditional composition in this work or any naturalistic proportions allow it to escape any sense of hierarchical order. Instead, Kohlmann's paintings show plants, animals and humans morphing into interchangeable entities and coexisting peacefully.


12 inches
16 inches
with frame
13.25 inches
17.25 inches

③ Artist:

Emma Kohlmann

Emma Kohlmann’s paintings retrace the subconscious with symbolism drawn from flora, fauna, ancient statues, figurines and mythological narratives. She creates her deeply spiritual dreamscapes on burned wood frames and inhabits them with multi-headed trees, deeply-rooted plants, angels and wondrous animals with human faces. Kohlmann’s work does not employ traditional composition or naturalistic proportions, taking away any sense of hierarchical order—plants, animals and humans coexist peacefully as they morph into interchangeable entities.

Emma Kohlmann:
Earth Angel #1, 2021
Acrylic on linen, artist frame
16.0 × 12.0 inches /