This print was created using a light-sensitive printing process. The artist invited a gallerist to compose a pictorial frame for the artist's transparent tracings in black ink of everyday objects. The resulting image highlights the rapport between artist and gallerist.
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① Artwork:

Working Space #3 (with Olivia Barrett, Château Shatto)

This is part of the artist's series Working Space, Connor’s first printmaking work featuring an experimental processes. Each print was created using a light-sensitive printing process. A crucial element of this series is the artist’s decision to invite the participation of a gallerist in the production of each print. By allowing the participant to compose a pictorial frame for these transparent black ink tracings of everyday objects and other ephemeral material, Connor draws attention to the frequently obscured and discreet communication between a gallerist and an artist.

The resulting image of this collaboration operates as an index of exchange, affinity and artistic rapport; it functions as both an aesthetic object and a record of a discreet process, while still resisting any definitive interpretation. The artist playfully obscures this work's legibility, exploring the role of translation in documentation and memory. Like Connor's sculptural work, it challenges viewers familiarity with everyday objects and images while animating the formal, social and psychological properties of our shared environment. This work also hints at Connor's interest in decentralized communication, such as bulletin boards.


30.9 inches
22.75 inches

③ Artist:

Fiona Connor

Fiona Connor’s sculpture and works on paper reproduce everyday objects in ways that newly animate their formal, social and psychological properties. Her work unsettles everyday objects and challenge viewer's over-familiarity—as well as their passive acceptance—of their environment. Avoiding the clinical or arcane, Connor’s practice includes space for both intimacy and anonymity.

Fiona Connor:
Working Space #3 (with Olivia Barrett, Château Shatto), 2021
Intaglio monoprint on archival rag paper
22.8 × 30.9 inches /