This painting depicts a surfer hippie, a laid-back figure who goes with the flow and sees the world through his classic aviator sunglasses.

① Artwork:

Untitled (Surfer Hippie)

This painting is part of a series by the artist that depicts surfer hippies. These laid-back figures go with the flow, seeing the world through their classic aviator sunglasses. They remind viewers to hang loose, while also serving as excellent structures for stain paintings.

Markus uses colorful washes of acrylic on unprimed canvas, as well as distinctive mark-making, to create playful paintings that combine abstraction with figuration. The artist draws influence from her experience as a Gen Xer, including the exuberance of punk and grunge, as well as from the work of the Color Field and Pop Art painters.


18 inches
24 inches

③ Artist:

Liz Markus

Drawing from her experience as a Gen Xer, Liz Markus’ paintings channel the raw exuberance of punk and grunge. The artist uses bold, colorful washes of acrylic paint on unprimed canvas along with her distinctive mark-making to bring viewers into a world of dinosaurs, cavemen and hippies. Embracing the work of Color Field and Pop Art painters, Markus’ paintings combine figuration with abstraction in a playful world of vibrant color and submerged meaning.


Liz Markus was born in Buffalo, NY in 1967. The artist received a BA from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1989 and an MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2007. 

Solo exhibitions of Markus’ work have taken place at the Stems booth at Art Antwerp in Belgium; The Pit in Los Angeles, California; Unit London in London, UK; County Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida; Maruani Mercier Gallery in Brussels, Belgium; Nathalie Karg in New York City; White Columns in New York City; and Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden; among others. 

Group exhibitions that have shown Markus’s work have taken place at: Harpers in Los Angeles, California; Slika Gallery in Lyons, France; Real Pain in New York City; Tripoli Gallery in East Hampton, New York; Harper’s Books in East Hampton, New York; Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, New York; and Canada in New York City; among others.

Markus’s work has also been shown at the Reece Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee; and the Nerman Museum in Overland Park, Kansas. 

Markus lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Liz Markus:
Untitled (Surfer Hippie), 2020
Acrylic and pencil on paper
24.0 × 18.0 inches /
Liz Markus:
Untitled (Surfer Hippie), 2020
Acrylic and pencil on paper
24.0 × 18.0 inches /