This photograph captures a sexual encounter in the high desert landscape of the artist's youth, depicting protagonists that are both archetypal and anonymous.
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① Artwork:


This photograph is part of the artist's series, Heaven is a Prison. Shot with a large-format camera, McKnight depicts a sexual encounter in the high desert landscape of his youth. The protagonists in these works are both anonymous and archetypal, yet outside the European beauty standards so commonly idealized even in queer communities.


20 inches
16 inches

③ Artist:

Mark McKnight

Mark McKnight’s black-and-white photographs expand the boundaries of landscapes and portraits by manipulating accepted ways of seeing. He repurposes traditional compositions typically reserved for idealized European figures to depict queer and Brown subjects who are often drenched in rich shadows. In McKnight's work, natural and urban landscapes serve as dynamic backdrops for capturing friends and intimates.

Mark McKnight:
Wrestlers, 2021
Gelatin silver print
16.0 × 20.0 inches /