This painting depicts a strange blend of biomorphic, machine-like beings, subjects that are hazy and fuzzy to mirror the artist's fragmented memories of childhood.

① Artwork:

Wiki Waki

This painting depicts a strange blend of biomorphic, machine-like beings with a strong tension between recognizable images and mutating forms. The artist draws from intuitive sources to create natural deities and parasites, as well as characters consumed by vegetal forms and animated compositions floating in space. Yim’s subjects are hazy and fuzzy—like her fragmented memories of hastily migrating to the US from South Korea at a young age.


32 inches
36 inches
2 inches
36 inches

③ Artist:

Mie Yim

Mie Yim’s paintings combine saturated colors with dramatic content and thick surface textures to express the artist's notions of beauty. Her figures—like her memories of her childhood in South Korea—are often hazy and fuzzy, and have changed over her career from anthropomorphic animals into strange machine-like beings. Yim’s work juxtaposes representations of bunny ears and doe eyes with an underlying sense of horror to uncanny effect.

Mie Yim:
Wiki Waki, 2020
Oil on canvas
36.0 × 32.0 inches /