This painting, part of a series, depicts its subject with great tenderness—and whether a friend or a stranger, the subjects are always someone the artist would like to be with or be like. The artist intentionally chooses subjects whose openness gives viewers the freedom to let down their own guards.
Framed: 18.2 x 14.2 x 1.8 in.

① Artwork:

In Your Light I Learn

This work is part of a series of watercolor portraits that features explorers of inner space—people who can access other dimensions of being through orgasm, meditation and more. The figures in these works draw viewers into the composition, as they wonder how the world looks from the subject's point of view.

Faraj's paintings depict their subjects with tenderness—allowing the fullness of their presence and their worth to shine while acknowledging that no one is perfect. The artist's subjects may be friends or strangers, but they are all folks she wants to be with or be like. Faraj frequently celebrates members of the LGBTQI+ community in her works, exploring togetherness in diversity and featuring people in touch with their breath and permeable to the elements. The artist chooses subjects whose openness gives viewers the freedom to let down their own guards.

This watercolor was made using a wet-on-wet technique that allows pigments to move out of their original positions and blur the final image. This intentional dream-like effect symbolizes the shifting nature of perceptions and emotions. By breaking through the natural boundary of each figure, this technique also symbolizes the permeability we all have to one another. These paintings are made in the tradition of expressionism and neo-expressionist art with a debt to the Surrealists and other visionary artists.


11 inches
15 inches
with frame
14.25 inches
18.25 inches

③ Artist:

Nadine Faraj

Nadine Faraj’s watercolor paintings are portraits of sexualized figures in varying degrees of abstraction, often drawn from the worlds of pornography and erotica. The artist’s fluid style allows her figures to emerge as deeply psychological and emotional beings in compositions that depict a full sense of their humanity. Faraj’s work is suffused with raunchiness, humor, tenderness and soul, while simultaneously engaging with human rights, LGBTQI activism, feminism, and sex and body positivity.

Nadine Faraj:
In Your Light I Learn, 2015/2021
Watercolor on paper
15.0 × 11.0 inches /