This print is part of a minimalist series depicting the experience of our own body in a moment of silence—each print documents an anechoic chamber, silent spaces used to measure the "self noise" of electroacoustic equipment.
Framed: 42.5 x 28.2 x 1.0 in.
Monoprint; unique edition 11 of 17

① Artwork:

Untitled (Anechoic Chamber)

This print is part of a minimalist series by the artist documenting anechoic chambers, silent spaces used to measure the "self noise" of electroacoustic equipment such as microphones and speakers. People occupying anechoic chambers report hearing minute sounds produced by their bodies, such as their eyes blinking. The works function as representations of silence as well as our self-perception in silent moments. They are also detailed depictions of traditional subject matter – the human body – interpreted by a machine.


26 inches
40 inches
with frame
28.25 inches
42.5 inches

③ Artist:

Nikita Gale

Nikita Gale’s multi-media art illustrates how consumer technologies extend the body through touch. Gale has a background in anthropology, and the artist’s work uncovers social and political histories by exploring long-term obsessions with acoustic and protective materials. Gale’s work shows how silence and noise can function as political positions.


Nikita Gale is based in Los Angeles. Gale holds a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeological Studies from Yale University and an MFA in New Genres from University of California, Los Angeles. 

The artist has exhibited with various national and international institutions, including: MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York; The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; Cubitt in London, UK; Nottingham Contemporary in London, UK; Ceysson & Benetiere in Paris, France; and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California. 

Gale’s work is held in public and private collections around the globe, including: CC Foundation in Shanghai, China; and the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Gale serves on the Board of Directors for Grex, the West Coast affiliate of the AK Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems. 

Gale’s work has been featured in various publications, including: Mousse, Texte Zur Kunst, The New York Times, Artforum, Art in America, Art21, Frieze, Vogue, and Flash Art.

Nikita Gale:
Untitled (Anechoic Chamber), 2019
silkscreen on archival paper
40.0 × 26.0 inches /