This still life painting features lemons and their ghostly contours strewn across a tablecloth covered in leaves, drawing the viewer's attention to the omission of minute details in an otherwise lush and repetitive-patterned work.
Framed: 14.4 x 14.4 x 1.5 in.

① Artwork:

Untitled (Projection)

This still life painting depicts lemons and leaves strewn across a tablecloth. In the image, the artist includes ghostly contours of the fruit. The composition seems as if it is projected on top of the objects, confusing the distinction between the figures and the background. Mrozowski's work explores the many assumptions inherent in visual perception. He draws the viewer's attention to the omission of minute details in otherwise lush and repetitive-patterned works.


13 inches
13.5 inches
with frame
14.38 inches
14.38 inches

③ Artist:

Ryan Mrozowski

Ryan Mrozowski’s paintings explore the many assumptions inherent in our visual perception. He frequently spreads a single composition over several canvases, emphasizing the choice he makes to omit minute details. Each work demands careful attention, as Mrozowski employs a certain sleight-of-hand in the creation of his lush and patterned images.

Ryan Mrozowski:
Untitled (Projection), 2021
Egg tempera on clay panel
13.5 × 13.0 inches /