This painting places a lighter hue on top of carefully delineated layers to create the illusion of transparency, demonstrating the artist's subtle use of color.

① Artwork:


This painting is a superb example of the artist's subtlety as a colorist. Prekop used a palette knife to texture and scrape carefully delineated layers of flat color. The artist added a lighter hue on top that blends with the layer beneath, creating an illusion of transparency. Prekop frequently employs underlying structures in his richly-colored abstract compositions.


14 inches
15 inches

③ Artist:

Zak Prekop

Zak Prekop combines deft brushstrokes with subtle use of color to create carefully balanced abstract compositions. He frequently employs underlying structures in his paintings that he builds upon with freeform and premeditated textures. Prekop’s work has an improvisational look, but closer observation reveals the careful consideration of every element.

Zak Prekop:
Merganser, 2021
Oil on muslin
15.0 × 14.0 inches /