The painter takes us along for one day in his Colombian hometown, complete with a studio tour and a Neruda-worthy sunset.

6:15 AM

First thing I do when I wake up in Manizales, my hometown in Colombia, is to check if it's raining, and then I take my dog Cosmo (from Cosmo Kramer) for a quick walk before having breakfast.

7:00 AM

Then I go play tennis at this time pretty much every day. On this particular day, I played so well my opponent broke his tennis racquet. What a shame :(

11:00 AM

A quick tour around my studio. I'll eventually bring the walls down so I can make it a bit bigger!

11:15 AM

Here's a close up of the piece I'm currently working on! Also . . . I shaved!!!

11:30 AM

Here's a view from my studio.

The weather today was beautiful, so later on, I'll meet with some friends to watch the sunset. Pablo Neruda, the famous poet, called Manizales a sunset factory.

6:30 PM

Me and some friends on a hill waiting for the sun to set.

7:30 PM

The sunset we witnessed today.