The New York-based art advisor Alex Stoller talks about her favorite works in the May selection on Platform.

In their own words

I approach art consulting as a connector. I love engaging with artists' stories and helping new audiences engage with artwork on a personal level. 

My background in exhibition design really defines my advising process. I want to talk about how art will take on new meanings through placement and purposefully curate relationships in the larger collection. 

Right now I'm into paintings with distorted, emotional interior settings - Louise Gagliardi, Laura Karetzky, Jennifer Packer come to mind. 

Yulia Iosilzon, Spiralling of Spiritual
Oil on transparent fabric, 47.3 × 35.4 inches, 2022. $8500

This artist's work is whimsical and uplifting without being overly sweet. I love the way Yulia uses many layers of paint and leaves the brushstrokes visible. The spiraling forms keep my eye moving from corner to corner. I could look at this all day. Browse the work.

Sam Bornstein, Periscope
Acrylic, acrylic ink, airbrush, tinted gesso and oil on linen, 14.0 × 11.0 inches, 2021. $4000

The use of color in Periscope feels highly contemporary while channeling a post-impressionistic quality.  The use of mixed media and the distorted perspective feels distinctly fresh and now. Browse the work.

Bridget Mullen, Birthday #42
Flashe and spray paint on linen, 12.0 × 9.0 inches, 2022. $4500

This piece feels like it’s two paintings at once. The hyperreal bangs over the flattened spray paint face creates a really playful tension. I love the aesthetic of sheer paint on linen and how you can appreciate the texture on the lower half. Browse the work.

Brittany Shepherd, Baptism
Oil on panel, 24.0 × 18.0 inches, 2020. $4000

This painting feels like it's capturing a moment of liberation and rebirth. The way Brittany renders the different quality of light on the wall, bubbles and patent leather is quite masterful. Browse the work.