The New York-based art advisor Anna Hygelund talks about her favorite works in the June selection on Platform.

In their own words

I like to think of myself as an art sherpa more than as an 'art advisor.' No sherpa, no summit is a phrase I often use - because I'm not just helping people access contemporary art and navigate the  market. On a given day I am also advising on the right shipping partner, a good lighting designer, collection database software, the correct restorer, and/or insurance policy. After working in art world for 10 years, I founded a full service art advisory firm (T8 Partners) in 2017 to ensure my clients have the right partnerships in place to collect contemporary art at the highest and most enjoyable levels. We work with everyone from first time private and corporate collectors to presidents of museum boards across the US and The Bahamas.

Janet Werner, Setee
Oil on canvas, 24.0 × 20.0 inches, 2022. $11,000

The body language in this painting is excellent. I imagine she is reading a novel by Bronte or Austen. The drama of Sargent's Madame X portrait combined with a more contemporary brush and palette hits. It is wonderfully feminine and cool. Browse the work.

MJ Torrecampo, After School Takeover Of The Living Room
Oil on canvas, 36.0 × 28.0 inches, 2022. $3900

I think anyone who has an older sibling can appreciate this work. Torrecampo paints her younger self hiding in a room, while her older sister and her friends enjoy the living room. The way she uses the edge of the doorframe to split the scene is so creative. I also like the way she combines low and high key colors. Browse the work.

Madjeen Isaac, Shades of Delight
Oil on canvas, 40.0 × 30.0 inches, 2022. $7000

Isaac captures the magic and warmth of a Brooklyn neighborhood in this painting. I particularly appreciate the vantage point in this work: I imagine we are observing a father lovingly embrace his two children from behind, while they take in the moon, cheerful windows, and verdant brownstone. NY might be a concrete jungle; however Isaac shows us that Brooklyn is not. Browse the work.

Corydon Cowansage, Red, Peach, Pink, Purple
Acrylic on canvas, 48.0 × 40.0 inches, 2022. $7400

I appreciate the artist's use of shading in this painting and the play between representation and abstraction. The leaf-like shapes fill up the picture plane with an intriguing sense of volume. They also could double as Man Ray lips. Browse the work.