The NYC-based art advisor Jessica Arb Danial talks about her favorite works in the September selection on Platform.

In their own words

After a successful career in trend intelligence, consumer insights and business development, Jessica launched her own art advisory firm rooted in research and a relationship-centric approach. She now advises and oversees expansive collections both private and corporate.

As an art advisor, Jessica aims to guide her clients’ acquisitions toward their values, aesthetics and lifestyle. She is known for her keen eye, direct style, approachability and overall passion.

Aside from her advisory work, Jessica served as Board Chair of the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York where she was the youngest Chair in the museum’s 50-year history. This October, she will be presented with the prestigious Everson Medal which is given to community leaders who have made significant impacts on the institution.

Jessica holds a Masters in Arts Leadership from Syracuse University. Her advisory firm is headquartered in Tribeca serving clients nationwide. Follow her on instagram at @jessicarbdanial

Crys Yin, Transferable Memory (Third)
Acrylic on wood panel, 30.0 × 24.0 inches, 2022. $4500

The snails slowly passing around the voluptuous vases seem to be saying “any pace is a good pace.” The colors are meditative, rich and serene, further solidifying the message. I chose Transferable Memory because, years ago, I began collecting all types of vessels. It began while traveling when, really, I wanted a piece of art, but a small ceramic or vessel would fare the journey home far better. I love the versatility of vessels: a garden bouquet, a bevy of colored pencils, a toothbrush. New to me, and learning through Yin’s work, she burns joss sticks as offerings; a childhood ritual of hers. Browse the work.

Hunter Potter, Off The Deep End
Acrylic, spray paint, and oil stick on canvas wrapped panel, 48.0 × 36.0 inches, 2022. $10,500

Close your eyes, bend your knees, eye the diving target– splash! – complete water immersion. That feeling of diving into the deep end of a pool, lake, (life?) is always exhilarating! The sunlight dancing, the ripples of water and shadow play are just so good! Potter’s use of multiple methods, spray paint, acrylic and his signature smiley face are all present in this work. Fun fact: Potter and I both spent formidable time in Syracuse, New York (he being a native, and I, a transplant) but I will say I can see the effect it had on his work. Browse the work.

James Ulmer, Premonition
Flashe and acrylic on canvas, 20.0 × 24.0 inches, 2022. $9500

James Ulmer is a perennial favorite of mine. I make every effort to see his work in person. I’ve seen it at the Hole & The Pit. The notions of human connection are strong in his grouped people series. I chose “Premonition” for the unexpected use of sunflower yellow (that I have not seen in his works much before) and the sun. Last year I snagged a James Ulmer limited edition screenprint for myself that sold out instantly from V1 gallery and felt like the luckiest collector in the world. I woke up at the hour it was to go on sale as if I were trying to buy tickets to a Beyonce concert.  Browse the work.

Rae Klein, Banquet
Oil on linen, 16.0 × 12.0 inches, 2022. $4500

Rae Klein! Her works are dreamstates. “Banquet” is magical with the hint of sparkle at the dinner table, but there’s all the mystery that comes with Klein’s work. Her work is part Surrealism, a hint of Renaissance, while all being very contemporary. You want to define it but get lost in the illusory. Her mastery of the paintbrush is seen in this work. Both in large strokes in the background and defined, shown in the delicate details of the candles and flower feast. It was very hard to choose just one of her works! I love them all.  Browse the work.