Los Angeles-based art advisor Karyn Lovegrove talks about her favorite works from the November selection on Platform.

In their own words

I strongly believe in the higher power of art and feel incredibly fortunate to work in a profession that I am wildly passionate about.  As an essential part of my role as an art advisor and collection manager I am constantly researching in search of inspiration, looking backwards and forwards - my aesthetic interests span across a vast historical and stylistic spectrum.  I am in awe of artists, and I love guiding my collectors towards a deeper understanding and engagement with their art, and the art market.

Marius Bercea, Untitled (Dear Painter)
Oil on paper, 23.5 × 16.5 inches. $6000

Like Victor Mann and Andrian Ghenie, Marius Bercea is a member of Cluj School, and one of the major figures responsible for the Romanian artistic Renaissance.  This intimate portrait drawing demonstrates well the artist's deft handling of an often kaleidoscopic interplay of pattern and color.

Nicole Wittenberg, Sunset Near Profitis Ilias
Pastel on paper, 11.5 × 15.5 inches. $5000

Nicole Wittenberg's magical pastel drawings are the product of plein aire reveries she had on a recent trip to Greece.  Using a rapid process and luminous color she exquisitely captures fleeting moments in time.

Jenny Morgan, Through the Narrow
Oil on canvas, 25.0 × 20.0 inches. $9000.

Jenny Morgan’s intense and mysterious abstractions are challenging to settle on. The surface undulates and pulses, the background and foreground shift and swirl, and with figurative elements come in and out of focus. 

Tyler Vlahovich, Untitled
Oil on canvas, 30.0 × 28.0 inches. $7500

Tyler Vlahovich seductive, highly animated abstractions draw from artists at the the origins of abstraction.  HIs exquisitely mark making, subtly textured surfaces and ravishing color combinations feel confident and enduring!

Emma Kohlmann, Italian Plants
Acrylic on linen, artist frame, 20.0 × 16.0 inches. $5000

Emma Kohlmann’s whimsical imagery is enduringly engaging to me.  Italian Plants playful anthropomorphic flora meets fauna subject with it gorgeous palette is one of my favorite from Platform’s October Selections.

Jule Korneffel, Untitled
Acrylic on canvas, 36.0 × 24.0 inches. $3800

I love the Modernist and Renaissance reference material that Jule Korneffel uses to inspire her reductive, soulful abstractions.  Her layering and mark making is also reminiscent of some of my favorite Belgian abstract artists but with her definite  imprint.