The Los Angeles-based art advisor Kipton Cronkite talks about his favorite works in the May selection on Platform.

In their own words

Regarded as a visionary art curator and advisor for over 15 years in NY and LA, Kipton possesses a rare ability to navigate art curation tailored to the client’s personal aesthetic. Kipton approaches each client relationship with discretion while also educating. In the process, collectors are able to gain access to deep relationships within the art world. Kipton has been a passionate curator of emerging artists his entire career. Currently a member of Independent Curators International and based in LA, Kipton previously served on the Executive Committee of the Whitney Contemporaries at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC (for 8 years), was active on the Frick Young Fellows Board in NYC (for 5 years), and co-founded Young Patrons Circle of the American Friends of the Louvre in 2006.

Lillian Paige Walton, Pond
Wax and water-soluble pencil on paper, 9.5 × 8.0 inches, 2022. $1500

Pond reminds me of the fragility of life and how important it is to live in the moment.  Browse the work.

Gretta Johnson, Rites of Spring
Watercolor and wax pastel on paper, 14.0 × 11.0 inches, 2020. $3500

I appreciate the combination of colors, the movement, and positive energy in Rites of Spring. Browse the work.

Storm Tharp, The Mum (Kiku)
Gouache and watercolor on paper, 49.0 × 40.0 inches, 2022. $17,000.

The Mum (Kiku) distinctive light balance conveys the strength and delicacy of plant life. Browse the work.

Bradley Biancardi, Tablescape on Tenacity
Oil, acrylic, spray paint, and graphite on canvas, 31.0 × 30.0 inches, 2022. $7500

Bradley's distinctive still lifes combined with his whimsical subjects, challenges my imagination. Browse the work.