New York-based curator and art advisor K.O. Nnamdie talks about his favorite works from the December selection on Platform.

In their own words

In 2018, I started Restaurant Projects, a curatorial project and research-driven art advisory service based in New York City. Though I’ve always had a deep interest in performance and conceptual art, I've mainly collected sculpture and painting. With a clear reverence for emerging artists, I enjoy nurturing my clients in the discovery of an artist's practice I believe to be rooted in longevity. Which I occasionally share on Instagram @koartadvisory.

Brad Phillips, Miami Beach, Cristine & Cherry
Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches. $8000

I have a soft spot for Miami and tender moments of leisure featuring cats. Brad Philllips' oil on canvas work portrayed in a photorealist style, is a loving real life moment between his spouse Cristine and their cat Cherry.

Corey Lamb, Twined
Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches. $3750

I've always loved Corey Lamb's portrayal of melancholy and absolute bliss that permeate throughout his painting, usually featuring lighthearted body positivity. Twined, 2021 is a great example of this.

Alissa McKendrick, Untitled (AMC0013)
Oil on canvas, 14 x 12 inches. $2500.

The extraordinary dreamlike paintings of Alissa McKendrick's stand out for their satiric sensibility and mature color palette. The subjects within Untitled, 2021 skateboarding at dusk accompanied by a butterfly, a signifier for the total freedom McKendrick's subject possess.

Kadar Brock, cleaning brushes, a purple ochre
Oil on canvas, 24 x 20 inches inches. $6800

Kadar Brock's cleaning brushes, a purple ochre, 2021 is the latest from the abstract painter. Through layering, erasing, and reworking his surfaces, a bright optimism is viewable once your eye acclimatizes to the surface. Upon my first view of this work, I imagined a eucalyptus plant blowing in the wind with a rustic sunset.