The New York City-based art advisor Lydia Kutko talks about her favorite works in the April selection on Platform.

In their own words

I can’t get enough of traveling the world for innovative, shocking and powerful art. As a practice, LK Art Consultants is on a mission to find art that our clients are surprised they like. It is absolutely thrilling to see a client open their minds to something new in front of the right piece. It becomes a part of their identity at that moment and I love making this happen. Other hobbies include constantly scouring the internet and globe for art fair shoes. It’s a thing.

Jimmy Beauquesne, JB13
Colored pencil on paper. 11.8 × 9.4 inches, 2021. $2500

It's not easy to contain this much beauty and grit in a single 12 x 10 work on paper. Intoxicating. Browse the work.

Marty Schnapf, A Break in the Clouds
Oil on canvas, 14.0 × 18.0 inches, 2022. $5000

These paintings are the counterpart to a soundtrack. You just can't place which one. Browse the work.

Williamson Brasfield, Golden Teachers
Urethane and pigment on linen mounted to panel, 14.0 × 11.0 inches, 2021. $3800

Like a shot to the veins this painting offers a dopamine rush we all need. Browse the work.

JJ Manford, Interior with Alfredo Volpi
Oil stick, oil pastel, and Flashe on linen, 35.0 × 27.0 inches, 2022. $12,000

Do you ever need to really leave home to have a wild experience? These are a reminder it's all in your head. Browse the work.