The Black, Japanese and Tongan-American, New York City-based art advisor Sunserae Smith talks about her favorite works in the March selection on Platform.

In their own words

I was born and raised in San Francisco, a picturesque city where I was drawn to the history, arts and architecture surrounding me. As an advisor, I am inspired to present the hidden stories that are brought center-stage and dreamscapes to mission-driven collectors. Based in New York City, I have a unique perspective and vantage point. I love spending the day going in and out of the galleries as you never know what you’re going to see. Its like the Holiday windows off of 5th Avenue! There is one phenomenon after another across a range of scale, imagination and documentation. I am fortunate to be able to follow, document and place unrepresented groups of artists – Black, Indigenous, People of Color; women and LGBTQ+ with some of our leaders in their respective industry.

The ethereal and inventive work I am drawn to is majestic yet dramatic and powerful. I enjoy the layered balance between painterly aims and/or social and/or political iconography. Grab your favorite boots or sneakers and follow my studio, @Sunserae!

Molly Metz, Old Friend
Acrylic paint, marker, crayon, ballpoint pen ink, oil pastel, newsprint, on canvas. 40.0 × 30.0. $5800

I enjoy Molly Metz’s stream-like gestures and soft phosphorescent palette. The painting is almost symmetrical and looks like an aerial view of a landscape with exotic plants. Browse the work.

Gabriel Sanchez, Larga Distancia
Oil on canvas. 26.0 × 32.0 inches. $7500

The attention to detail is magnetic. I love artists who delicately draw texture of hair and coils and coils of curly hair. It is so challenging, but important to capture how beautiful all types of hair are. I also collect phones, so love seeing them in pieces. The subject holds a rotary phone on top of a blue striped tablecloth entices me while pondering what is the message on the other side of the phone. Browse the work.

Gabriela Vainsencher, Containment Sold as Protection
Pigment print on archival satin paper, artist frame. 27.0 × 17.0 inches. $1300 unframed / $1800 framed

Gabriela Vainsencher’s, Containment Sold as Protection explores the excavation and analysis of an object like an archaeologist would do. This piece has its voids but the right balance of fusion and content into a new inanimate object. Browse the work.

Sune Woods, It Was All a Screen
Mixed media collage, pigment print. 30.0 × 30.0 inches. $8750

Sune Woods, It Was All A Screen,  collage is confident and freely plays with femininity and form! Browse the work.