A glimpse at the artist's life in Havana.

7:00 AM

The first thing I do when I wake up is play with my son Pablo who is 6 months old. He usually wakes me up around 7 am.

7:30 AM

Then I make my coffee and sit down and look at my paintings in progress and contemplate what I am going to work on for the day.

9:00 AM

I lay out my colors and I begin painting for a few hours.

10:45 AM

Constantly working on a few pieces at a time.

12:30 PM

Then in the afternoon, I jump in a taxi and go and take care of a few errands in Old Havana. It's always such a relaxing ride.

1:15 PM

I enjoy walking through the busy streets and seeing everyone go about their lives.

1:30 PM

My first stop is the Agro Market to get some vegetables for dinner.

1:45 PM

I found an eggplant from a cart vendor.

3:00 PM

I meet up with my carpenter to discuss new projects such as stretcher bars and building a closet in my bedroom.

4:30 PM

Before my day ends, I pass by the Malecon and take in the beautiful views of the ocean.