Swivel Gallery's founder on his Cy Twombly tattoo, his favorite coffee spot in Bed-Stuy and red velvet waffles.

6:45 AM

Purging as much anxiety as possible on the pavement before the day begins. (Side Note: Hand tat is from one my favorite Cy Twombly works.)

8:00 AM

Cappucino at The Council, my favorite spot for the best coffee. I always hang outside for a few chatting with the neighbors.

9:00 AM

It's install week, so I'm hinging and prepping Jazmine Hayes' incredible and extremely delicate debossed paper works.

11:00 AM

Amira and I responding to your emails as promptly as possible, I promise.

1:00 PM

Me and Cashmere, Ryan Cosbert's Frenchie who I'm babysitting while she's in Europe. Having a smoke and some fresh air in Herbert Von King Park.

3:00 PM

Grabbed a box of red velvet wavy waffles made by some of my favorite folks and clients, the infamous Ghetto Gastro.

6:15 PM

Having a laugh, a Pilsner and some pernil with Joseph Cochran II (one of my favorite artists and the man behind the lens) at one of my favorite local spots, Pilar Cuban Eatery, before heading home.