Quang Bao, the owner and director of New York's 1969 Gallery, zips through Madrid and Barcelona searching for new artists (and new works from established ones), highlighting the best stops along the way.

11:00 AM

I am 117 hours late for a studio visit in Madrid, Spain with Alvar Haro. (Note to all: never, ever fly Iberia’s budget airline, Level).

It’s freezing in Haro’s beautiful atelier, built in the back of the house by his late father, sculptor Juan Haro. During our first visit, I fell in love with Juan’s sculpture called “Walt Whitman.” Seeing it again 22 years later, I still love it–and decided to organize an entire group exhibition around this inspirational, free-verse 19th-century American poet. It's a good sign when the exhibition image comes first.

11:45 AM

Interior Monologue: It doesn’t look done. Did he say it was done? If you ask him, it’s not done, is it? Will he be offended? It’s clearly not done. Artists are obstinate and impertinent. If I say it’s not done, he’ll just say it is, just to be done. Just keep your mouth shut.

1:37 PM

Group visit to The MER Collection in Segovia, Spain. Gracias Rafa + Mama!

4:32 PM

Delicioso with Sergio Sancho and Sara Coriat, CAN Ibiza art fair.

7:55 PM

Heading home, aboard the Ave bullet train from Madrid to Barcelona, an impressive 2.5 hours ride. Amtrak spelled backwards is OMG, Por Favor.