Gallerist Annie Wharton (along with her pup, Winston) takes us on a whirlwind trek through Southern California.

7:37 AM; Los Feliz

Need help waking up? I do, usually with an almond milk latte.

7:49 AM

Check emails, Winston for cute factor (works L-R by Nasim Hantehzadeh, Paul Gellman, Tamara KE, and Ariel Dill).

9:30 AM; Mar Vista

Studio visit with Ariel Dill.

10:48 AM; Ladera Heights

Five-minute pit stop at collector residence to download photos of Kim Schoenstadt’s wall installation (this photo by Ruben Diaz also includes an Esther Ruiz neon work from LADIES’ ROOM).

11:29 AM; Culver City

UCLA graduate studios near Culver City to see Amina Cruz (studio photo: Jens Dam Ziska) and picked up one of Cruz's great photographs.

12:17 PM; Glendale

Back in the car, Winston…drive to studio visit with Cathy Akers. This 28-inch tall sculpture (including stump/plinth) is named Shelly.

1:45 PM; Glendale

Meet collector at Marisa Futernick’s studio.

2:43 PM; Glendale

Visit The Pit (photo: friend/art consultant Brandon Herman). The Pit had a masterful show a few months ago by Nora Shields, so here's a throwback from then.

4:15 PM; Los Feliz

It rained last night so the sunset this evening is on fire.