The multi-disciplinary artist documents the tattoos, food and prints that fill one day in her life.

9:45 AM

I decided to take a much-needed walk to clear my head for the day. I borrowed my roommate’s bike and fell right before I snapped this video lol.

12:15 PM

Hopped on the bus to start a very productive day at the print shop. I want to personally thank Nicki Minaj for the motivational bops while I printed.

2:45 PM

Had an excellent printing day! I surprisingly still had energy so I took my prints back to my studio to dry and to work on an area of a painting I’ve been avoiding. You could say I faced my fears this day.

5:20 PM

I realize I’ve been at it for too long and I’m STARVING. Dreaming of the chicken dinner I planned to make tonight and hop back on the bus.

7:00 PM

I got the cooking bug bad this day. I started whipping up dinner and dessert: baked Greek chicken with lemon-garlic rice and tomatoes for dinner & Nutella cheesecake to give away to friends with some saved for my roomie and I.

8:15 PM

Devoured dinner and watched a weird movie called Lamb with my roommate Cecilia while giving them a small tattoo

10:15 PM

At this point, I’m exhausted as hell and crash hard. But first a selfie.

10:45 PM

I literally somersault into bed because no one should be doing this much in a day and disassociate on TikTok until I fall asleep. Night. :)