A look at the acclaimed artists, whose new limited-edition lithographs are available on Platform.

The lives and work of Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy are inextricably linked. Each artist works in a signature visual language associated with the loose artistic movement known as the New Leipzig School. The interplay between the artists' bodies of work, however, extends beyond this with roots in their direct dialogue, which was cemented when the artists married in 1985. Rauch and Loy have maintained studios next door to one another, regularly using one another as a sounding board throughout their celebrated decades-long careers, questioning the tenets of contemporary art along the way.

Rauch's body of work (which has been the subject of solo exhibitions at prominent institutions internationally, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art) is recognized for its frequent use of eccentric figures placed in imagined settings. Some of these figures are human (more than a few bearing a resemblance to the artist) but many are hybrids combining animal and human features to unusual effect. Very often, Rauch's compositions function as allegories for the creative process and its transition from the private to the public realm.

Roy looks to fairy tales and myths as inspiration for constructing her unique worlds, which are almost exclusively occupied by female figures and so singular they've become part of MoMA's permanent collection. She transforms the familiar into the uncanny to create open-ended narratives that are left to the viewer's interpretation. Roy generally avoids working from photographs instead preferring to reference her own memories when crafting scenes, enhancing their dream-like quality.

Each artist is issuing a single new edition available in limited quantities on Platform. Both lithographs are made in collaboration with a master printmaker through a labor-intensive process with every color applied one layer at a time. Of printmaking, Rauch said, "It's not easy for me to make prints; I find the medium enormously challenging, and I tremble before each and every stone." Representative of the respective artist's body of work, they also showcase the pair's complementary styles and the latest developments in their individual visual canons.


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