From sipping tea while taking in the Chicago skyline to rollerblading along the shores of Lake Michigan, gallerist Mickey Pomfrey (of his namesake gallery, MICKEY) takes us through one day in Chicago.

8:30 AM

Today, I start off reviewing some architectural drawings of my home renovation. I often don’t eat breakfast and I am just enjoying a glass of iced black tea while listening to the news a bit on my phone.

9:00 AM

It's one of the last warm days of the year and I go for a skate. I normally like to skate in the evenings, but now that it gets dark so early, I tend to skate in the morning.

9:40 AM

I take a break and sit in the mostly empty Dusable Harbor and respond to messages.

10:00 AM

I stop to look at the pink glow cast by the Shahryar Nashat piece installed at the Art Institute.

11:00 AM

I meet Tim Mann at Hall Madden, a suit shop that I like. We had some new suits made for us for NADA Miami and Hiroshi is test-fitting them before the final adjustments.

11:55 AM

I arrive at the gallery and do a little housekeeping. We just opened a Michelle Grabner show this past Friday.

12:10 PM

I sit down at the computer and try to get as much emailing and administrative work done as possible before someone shows up. Tim grabs the camera and shoots some detail photos we need.

1:00 PM

I cross the street to pick up some food from Uncle Mike’s Place, an excellent Filipino breakfast spot. I got a combo meal with skirt steak and bangus.

1:15 PM

The food, however, is interrupted by a few groups of people coming through the gallery. First a critic, then a couple of former students of Michelle's, and then some collectors. It’s nice to have a different mix of people during the day. Each group had its own interests and questions, which keeps the conversation fresh for me.

4:05 PM

Time to close up shop. We only have open hours until 4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays because there are often events in the evenings to attend. 

4:30 PM

It’s a nice day today, but it will be winter in Chicago very soon. I stop by West Marine on my way home to pick up some antifreeze and winterizing supplies for the boat I bought this year.

5:15 PM

I return to Marina City and set up for my friend and Iris’ (Tim's girlfriend) surprise party tomorrow in my spare condo (the drawings I reviewed this morning are for the combining of my units). Jack and Patrick, who also live in my building, came up to help out. Jack works at the MCA with Iris and Co-Directs Prairie with Tim. 

6:15 PM

I chill out at home, watch some YouTube and eat some leftovers. 

7:30 PM

I go to an opening at HG of Kira Scerbin, Isabelle Francis McGuire and Joe Speier. Isabelle has shown with the gallery a couple of times. Joe curated the previous show at Mickey, and I own a few Kira pieces. 

9:00 PM

I go out to the California Clipper for drinks with the artists to celebrate the exhibition.