Arty Nelson, the founder of LA's One Trick Pony, takes us through one autumn day in the City of Angels.

10:30 AM

Meet gallerist Sebastian Gladstone at Clark Street Diner in Hollywood. He gets the sensible “diner breakfast,” a classic 2+2+2 and I get the “biscuits and gravy with two over easy eggs." Topics pinball back and forth between food, fashion & the art world’s current “Western Avenue Expansion” in Los Angeles, which includes Sebastian’s newly opened space. 

11:45 AM

Arrive at the gallery on Fairfax Ave. in the city’s beloved “Little Ethiopia” corridor. 

12:00 PM

Jane, OTP’s wildly indispensable second-in-command, pulls back the gate–another day in the game. 

1:00 PM

A final walk-through with artist Edward Cushenberry, the subject of our October show. I first become aware of Edward’s work from my friend, curator Audrey Viola, who showed me the artist’s debut, a photo essay book entitled While Nothing Lasts. The lion’s share of Cushenberry's work is heavily inspired by the photos he’s taken of his family and friends, often in Huntington Beach, CA, which imbues his myriad visual explorations with a powerful and poignant sense of intimacy. 

1:30 PM

Zoom conference with Ellie and Era from 56 Henry Gallery including a sexy peekaboo cameo by artist Richard Tinkler as we kick around details for our second annual Felix/Frieze Bash in February.  

2:30 PM

A quick Falafel Laffa at Oui Melrose. Perfectly tangy rocket fuel to power through the rest of the day.

3:00 PM

A few doors down from Oui, a stealth reconnaissance to BODE’s new LA Flagship. Boss Emily Bode & Co. have pretty much taken 2022 by storm. Many well-deserved accolades for bringing the fabric-lined freshness. New flavors drop on a whim which means you gotta be on point at all times if you want to get your size, which might only exist as a one-off.   

3:15 PM

Pop next door to check out Nonaka-Hill’s new space on Melrose, an elegant quiver of paintings by Zenzaburo Kojima which seems a perfect way to christen their second LA space. Nonaka-Hill is a true inspiration, fearlessly doing their own, authentic thing since day one. 

3:30 PM

Time to blast downtown to check in on artist Mickey Lee. Mickey did her first project show in January and things got crazy almost immediately. A solo booth at NADA NYC last April, then this month a scintillating PLATFORM pastel drop, a large canvas donated to the TWO x TWO Benefit in Dallas, a Half Gallery NYC Annex show, and then she’ll finish the year back in the OTP Main Room in December.

5:30 PM

Late day walk of Margarita & Jackie with second son Clyde, discussing the “chore division impact” triggered by recent departure of first son Desi to the University of Washington. 

8:33 PM

View to the west off the back balcony in Bronson Canyon as I debate the pros & cons of a post-dinner espresso. The pros usually win out.