Your look at the month ahead.


Happy spring, and welcome back to Projections, your monthly art-informed horoscope.

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries season marks the beginning of the astrological new year. Keep this in mind as you celebrate the renewal the spring brings; things are looking up, and the mystical energy of April will give you a new perspective. This month is packed full of illuminating astrological events, as well as the first eclipse of the year—a partial solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30—bringing necessary change and upheaval. Eclipse cycles shift every two years—this one began in November—and each cycle tells a story regarding karmic shifts in a particular part of your life, so pay close attention to events around the end of the month that harken back to late last year.


Happy birthday, Aries! The first half of April is all about you: you’ll find it easy to access and communicate your hopes, your dreams and your ideas as the sun pays you special attention. A new moon in your sign on April 1 plants the seeds for a revitalized sense of aptitude and self-confidence for the coming weeks. Your ruling planet, Mars, meets the authority of Saturn on April 4; pay attention to any frustrations with friends or colleagues born out of a sense of judgment or restriction. Boundaries are important to your well-being, and you’ll be better able to communicate your needs for alone time and space after April 10. A full moon in your opposite sign of Libra on April 16 brings a climax in a close partnership or romantic relationship that may be related to your revitalized self-image and outlook on your needs—you’ll be sure to find it easy to advocate for yourself. This pattern of growth (and grounding) continues as the sun leaves your sign and enters Taurus on the 19th when your focus will shift toward your finances and your values. Setting boundaries for yourself and your spending, as well as examining what you share with others becomes a central focus, especially during the first eclipse of the year. This partial solar eclipse on April 30 will continue the narrative that began in November of last year: karmic lessons around your self-worth, finances and values will continue to occur this year. So, listen deeply to your own needs around this time, and tend to the roots you’ve continued to plant and nourish—you’re sure to see growth.

This month, reflect on the long chain of objects in the watering mechanism of Aqueduct (After Rube Goldberg) by Johanna Robinson, whose work undermines conceptions of anthropocentrism with joy and humor. Outside influences can either help or hinder the long chain of decisions that lead to security and personal growth, so it’s important—now more than ever—to see what might be hindering you.


This month provides you with an opportunity for a period of rest and regeneration, Taurus, starting with a new moon in Aries on April 1 where you’re likely to feel encouraged toward solitude and reflection. Vivid dreams and subconscious messages will come your way easily for the first few weeks of the month, so take time to reflect on what memories or repressed perceptions bubble up to the surface. When your ruling planet, Venus, enters Pisces on April 5, you’ll be inclined toward oneness and harmony with the collective experience. This feeling is enhanced on April 12, when a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Neptune brings a bounty of hope and inspiration, perhaps through a message from a friend or colleague. When the sun moves into your sign on April 19, you’ll feel recharged and ready to act on any decisions or endeavors you’ve been meditating on with confidence. Changes are coming your way, so remember that your occasional inclination toward stubbornness might be holding you back. The partial solar eclipse in your sign on April 30 marks a continuation of the cycle of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses that began in November: this is an often challenging period of self-acceptance and growth that only comes a few times in your lifetime, so be kind to yourself as you process the shifting nature of self. Ask yourself what story is being told, and what lessons can you learn from the narrative?

Channel the figures in Clayton Schiff’s dreamlike Exchange II, developed from the artist’s small sketches and born out of a combination of everyday experiences and unconscious impressions. Reflect on the symbiosis between the mundane and the metaphysical, and consider how one shapes the other in your own life.


You’ve been working hard lately, Gemini, and you may feel as though you haven’t had a chance to connect with friends or rest as much as you like. However, April provides a reprieve from the very start. A new moon on April 1 and a boost from Mercury on April 2 bring new beginnings in your social life: the first week of April is a great opportunity to invite acquaintances to dinner and connect further or join a new organization. However, maybe avoid talks of religion or politics around April 5, as a meeting of Saturn and Mars on that day could cause tension surrounding any differences in conviction or beliefs. Generous Jupiter meets dreamy Neptune on April 12, bringing an unexpected positive surprise in your career or public life, so take advantage of any opportunities that seem to appear out of thin air around that date. As the sun moves into Taurus on April 19, I encourage you to take time to rest and look inward. You may have been neglecting your own needs for the sake of your work or day-to-day obligations, and it’s time to evaluate your current emotional landscape. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished, and what you’ve learned, paying special attention to your intuition. This check-in becomes essential as we approach the partial solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, part of a cycle that—over the next two years—will reshape your mind-body connection. It’s important to remember that humans store experiences not only in our memories but also in our bodies.

When you’re taking time to rest, I encourage reflecting on the words of painter Charles Irvin, whose paintings like Starburst at Sunset explore materiality and composition, while introducing metaphysical symbols. He states that he employs a “meditative language that describes a feeling of mindfulness, embodiment [and] receptivity—[a language for] being grounded, aware, receptive, open [and] present.”


You’re being pulled out of your shell and into the spotlight this month, Cancer. The sun in Aries illuminates the part of your chart that helps you discover your calling or purpose. Therefore, public-facing endeavors like your career or your creations will be at the forefront for the first weeks of the month. You’ll have support from a new moon in Aries on April 1, where you’ll be granted the initiative to set tangible goals for the coming year. On April 2, communicative Mercury—also in Aries—meets the sun, allowing for productive conversations and ideations that plant the seeds for achievements to come. You’re likely to have a spiritual, artistic or educational breakthrough around April 12, when a rare connection between benevolent Jupiter and mystical Neptune brings gifts of the unknown: surprises can be expected, and I advise you to fully embrace the changes they bring. The sun moves into Taurus on April 19, shifting your focus from your own ambitions to those of the collective. This is an opportune time to gather with your peers and share what you’ve created, collaborate and use their support to continue to realize your dreams. April ends with a partial solar eclipse in Taurus, continuing a story that started last November and extends through 2023. This period will revolutionize the way you interact with others and the way you express and enjoy yourself. Pay special attention to how those around you either help or hinder your growth.

In Rose Dickson’s Forecast, two geometric shapes are interlocked, and it’s unclear which supports which—”perhaps they support each other,” suggests the work’s description. Meditate on this statement, Cancer, when you’re forced to evaluate your own network of support: you’re a nurturer, but it’s essential to make sure that your needs are being met as well.


With the sun in a fellow fire sign, you’ll be feeling a bounty of energy in April, Leo! On April 1, a new moon offers you a chance to learn something new, travel or connect more deeply with your spirituality. Mercury meets your ruler, the Sun, on April 2, so be generous with your words this day by sharing advice or knowledge with someone close to you. A clash between fiery Mars and Saturn on April 4 may bring conflict into your relationship or a close partnership, especially if one of you needs some personal space, so be mindful of how you express yourself on this day. Communication continues to be important during a full moon in Libra on April 16—this event is likely to bring a conclusion or climax in correspondence you’ve been engaged in, so be especially mindful of conversations you have around this date. As the sun moves into Taurus on April 19, you’ll feel invigorated in your career or public life, and you’ll find that opportunities come easily over the next month. Use your tendency toward expressiveness to move and inspire colleagues, and take lead whenever possible. This focus on your career is indicative of a larger, two-year shift in what you perceive your greater purpose to be, marked by a partial solar eclipse on April 30 that continues a cycle started last November. Any patterns of self-sabotage, insecurity or preconceived notions of self that are impacting your ability to expand will be challenged during this period: you may soon even find yourself on a totally different path.

You’re inclined toward theater, Leo, which can work to your advantage in the public-facing scenarios. In Ricardo Patitda’s Up All Night, the artist’s subject performs an “exalted alter ego.” As you move through the changes of April, take time to meditate on how you operate in public spaces, and how different performances of self can subvert conventions, like Patitda’s portrait.


April asks you to evaluate what you share with others, Virgo: this includes money, property, our bodies, secret, and more. Go deep. A new moon on April 1 encourages you to dive deeper into a new connection, through emotional or physical union or by taking the first steps toward independence from an attachment holding you back. Your ruling planet, Mercury, meets the Sun on April 2, providing you with the knowledge and resources to balance your finances, file paperwork, or communicate your needs to a partner. You’re sure to have an especially magical and romantic time around April 12, when a rare celestial encounter between benevolent Jupiter and dreamy Neptune occurs in the part of your chart that influences your close relationships. You may be surprised by an admission of love, have an especially romantic encounter with your partner, or feel an influx of self-love (why not all three?)! As the sun moves into your fellow earth sign of Taurus on April 19, you’ll feel inclined toward expansion. This is a good time to travel, enroll in a new class, or take up a new hobby. Spirituality and your connection to institutions may also be on your radar, especially as we approach the partial solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30. Since last November, and looking into 2023, events surrounding these eclipses may bring you to a realization that tears down any “ivory towers” you’re affiliated with, or any dogmas you hold close. Have no fear: in result, you could establish new spiritual connections and open yourself to worlds you’d not have visited before.

This month asks you to look inward just as much as it asks you to examine your outward connections, so I encourage you to observe Michael Ajerman’s intimate and expressive Little Dream, which combines interior and exterior worlds. By depicting both real and fictional subjects, the work is imbued with references to both the unconscious and conscious, displaying how one informs the other.


The sign of Aries is your opposite, Libra, so your focus is likely to be on your closet partnerships for the first few weeks of April. Expect action in your romantic life starting on April 1, when a new moon in Aries brings new opportunities for love and partnership. April 2 brings a celestial connection between Mercury and the Sun, encouraging you to have a productive and honest conversation with a partner. Be careful not to get too lost in the throes of passion around April 4, however: fiery Mars takes a jab at Saturn on this day, heightening any tensions and frustrations that may exist and promoting risky behavior. A deeply reflective full moon occurs in your sign on April 16—I advise you to use this energy to check in with yourself and to let go of any insecurities or attachments that may be holding you back. When the sun moves into Taurus on April 19, this will become especially important, as your focus shifts to deepening your connections and evaluating what you share with others. A focus on harmony and partnership is a strength of your sign, Libra; but be mindful of how any balancing acts in relationships might affect you. The partial solar eclipse on April 30 continues a cycle (that will last until 2023) that transforms your closest relationships, your attachment styles and any financial or karmic debts that may be owed.

With so much focus on partnerships this month, Libra, make sure you’re also making the space to advocate for your own needs and desires. Consider how the female figure in Meghan Borah’s painting Girl Resting on Rug revels in herself, sharing herself with others if and as she chooses.


Have you been taking care of yourself, Scorpio? If it’s time for a new daily routine, Aries season is an opportune time to employ new habits and reorganize, starting with a new moon on April 1. Use the energy of the new moon, along with support from Mercury on April 2 to make a comprehensive to-do list, do some spring cleaning, or set intentions surrounding your well-being for the coming year. Venus moves into your fellow water sign Pisces on April 5, where it will stay for the remainder of the month, bringing sensuality and harmony in your romantic connections, as well as inspiration. A rare planetary connection between generous Jupiter and inspiriting Neptune happens on April 12—be advised that you might experience a creative eureka of sorts, or have a surprising passionate encounter around this date. If you’ve been doing the necessary work over the month to get things in order, you’ll be especially prepared for the sun’s move into Taurus, shifting your focus to your closest partnerships. You may have had upheavals or changes in this area since late last year, due to a series of eclipses illuminating the parts of your chart that influence relationships and your place in them; a partial solar eclipse continues this cycle on April 30. It’s important to remember that, despite your inclination to explore the deep in your relationships, it’s essential to keep tabs on your own wellbeing and take time for yourself.

Jo Messer’s What to where is intact can be seen as erotic or whimsical, depicting a female nude performing an indecipherable action—it’s all about perspective. This month, all of the ingredients for passion, creative expression, and excitement are at your disposal: the outcome can be beyond your wildest imagination but remember it’s all based on how you choose to harness this energy.


April begins with a burst of energy, with the sun in fellow fire sign Aries illuminating the part of your chart that influences celebrations, passion and creativity. Use support from a new moon and Mercury on the first two days of the month to kickstart a new artistic project, attend a party or reach out to someone you’ve got your eye on. Venus moves into Pisces on April 5, bringing comfort and harmony in your home; April is a great time to refresh your domestic environment with a bit of spring cleaning or redecorating. You’ll feel especially secure in your space when your ruling planet Jupiter meets inspiring Neptune on April 12, and if you’re looking to move, this is a great day for house hunting. A full moon in Libra brings a climax in a situation involving your friend group. When the sun moves into Taurus on April 19, your focus shifts to your day-to-day routine, your day job, and your health. Any adjustments or changes you make during this time are more likely to stick. If you’re neglecting responsibilities or your well-being in some way, the partial solar eclipse on April 30 will make it clear where changes are necessary.

The terrazzo used in Ficus Interfaith’s Patch Sunflower is a laborious technique the artist duo taught themselves through trial and error, to spectacular results. Consider experimenting this month, when you’ll be provided with new perspectives and inspirations that can inform creative projects in a fresh way.


This month provides you with new perspectives on your sense of security and your home life. A new moon on April 1 allows you to set intentions around changes you’d like to make in your living situation or meditate on ways to tend to your roots to promote future growth. Be careful of overspending, financial mismanagement or overstepping someone’s personal boundaries when Mars conflicts with your ruling planet Saturn on April 4. Your career comes into focus during the full moon on April 16 in Libra, which brings a situation in the workplace to a conclusion. The Sun enters your fellow earth sign Taurus on April 19 and your focus begins to shift from grounding toward all things passion: creative projects, celebration and romance will be on your mind for the remainder of the month. It’s worth reflecting on how your relationship to passion and spontaneity is changing, and recognize any patterns where you restrict your creative growth and expression with self-imposed rules, especially as the partial solar eclipse occurs on April 30.

Observe how domestic objects are expressively rendered in Jennifer Sullivan’s Orange Crush. With your focus on your home and creative pursuits this month, remember that the quotidian is often overlooked in its influence on our expression, and take time to consider how your immediate surroundings may or may not inspire introspection and engagement.


April brings ample opportunity for exciting conversations and experiences, Aquarius, as the sun illuminates the part of your chart that influences communication. A new moon on April 1 and support from Mercury on April 2 set the month off on the right foot—dedicate these days to working on writing projects, catching up with friends and siblings, or promoting your work online. Take caution to avoid conflict that leads to restrictions and setbacks on April 4, when Mars and Saturn clash in your sign. Any resentment, feelings of confinement or spiritual blockages clear up during a climax on the Libra full moon on April 16, setting you up for a new cycle of expansion. When the sun moves into Taurus on April 19, you’ll find your focus shifting toward your foundations: memories, family and your home. This may be an especially nostalgic or healing time for you, as a series of eclipses that began last November return on April 30 with a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse cycle, which continues into 2023, is challenging any unresolved issues surrounding the family or your sense of security; I encourage you to take time now to rest and spend time with loved ones around this time.

This month, relish in the sacred moments of family life. Meditate on your most cherished memories that inspire feelings of joy and belonging—feelings borne out of moments represented in Destiny Belgrave’s paintings, like Daddy’s Hands, which draws from memory and archival material to recall familiar experiences that the viewer can inhabit themselves.


Your finances come into focus this month, Pisces, as Aries season illuminates the part of your chart that influences money, physical belongings and your values. I know that you prefer to go with the flow, but a new moon on April 1 would be an excellent opportunity to make a budget for the coming months or to make some investments. Venus moves into your sign on April 5, bringing harmony and beauty your way for the remainder of the month—during this transit you’re sure to be feeling more confident, creative and in touch with yourself. The full moon in Libra on April 16 brings a conclusion to a situation where a debt might be owed—whether it be financial or karmic—allowing you to move on from it. The sun enters Taurus on April 19, and you’ll feel inclined toward important conversations; be mindful of important correspondences that come your way as well during this time, as they may influence future travels or educational opportunities occurring around the partial solar eclipse on April 30.

The burning flowers in Jimmy Beauquesne’s Untitled evoke the “saccherine pleasure of the internet era,” where images are infinitely reproducible. Through the nostalgic and melancholic act of drawing, the artist stores the aura of the original that’s often lost through the digital. Consider this as Taurus season begins and you find yourself having important conversations, and be aware of how your medium of communication may influence its message.

Lauren Studebaker is a writer and trained astrologer based in New York, and works as the Deputy Editor at Outland. For more information, or to book an astrological consultation, visit her website at