Your look at the month ahead.

By Lauren Studebaker

Take a deep breath! Now let it out. Slowly. It’s all going to be okay.

If January felt like an unwelcome extension of 2021, you’re not alone. A series of planetary retrogrades and emotional eclipses made the jump into 2022 feel more like a dredge, but February sets the stage for a new start. With a new moon in progressive and humanitarian Aquarius on the 1st and Mercury and Venus ending their retrograde periods by the 3rd, we will all have a wonderful opportunity to let the past melt away and move forward with intention and clarity.

Aries + Aries Rising

While speaking about her painting Tales of New York City: Trend Watch, Yuri Yuan says “I empathize with the regular working class, working aimlessly day after day, trying to occupy life with work, romance and money so that there would be no time for existential doubts.” This month, Aries, you’re likely to be presented with many opportunities in your career, but it’s important you still nourish the interior needs that you may sometimes ignore.

A new moon on February 1 illuminates the part of your chart that influences your hopes and dreams: this is an excellent opportunity to visualize what you want to accomplish over the next year. When Mercury ends its retrograde on the 3rd, expect any delays or frustrations you’ve been dealing with at work to begin to dissipate, and for important conversations to occur. A harmonious aspect between Mars and Uranus on February 8 may provide an exciting, unexpected change in your finances – this could be a great day to ask for a raise, or find a new side hustle. The days surrounding the 16th — when a full moon in fellow fire sign Leo occurs — present an opportunity to finish up a creative project or to plan an outing with your closest friends or romantic interest. When the sun moves into dreamy Pisces on the 18th, you’ll find that your focus turns to the interior: for the next month, pay special attention to where your dreams and intuition guide you. Remember that it’s not always easy to face your shadow, but introspection is a major component of fulfillment.

Taurus + Taurus Rising

The last two months may have felt like a bit of a drag — your ruling planet Venus was in retrograde, making it difficult to express yourself in the ways you’re usually comfortable with. But now that Venus is moving direct (as of January 29), with Mercury following suit on February 3, you’ll find that you’re inclined toward change. I know your comfort zone is one of your favorite places to linger, Taurus, but I encourage you to focus on growth and expansion this month. Planetary retrogrades tend to bring up conflicts or issues you’ve suppressed, but now you have the opportunity to reflect on any difficult lessons learned over the last two months, and reevaluate any beliefs that no longer serve you. Observe Polina Barskaya’s painting Summer Heat, which illustrates the vulnerability and power of self-reflection that leads “to new feelings, new fears, new anxieties and new ways of seeing."

On the 16th, the full moon in Leo will allow for you to truly center yourself in these new sensations, as it’s an excellent time to consider what truly makes you feel secure emotionally. As the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, your focus may shift to those you surround yourself with. Friends and colleagues are key in achieving your goals, and your newly-nourished emotional roots will ensure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.

Gemini + Gemini Rising

Gemini, your ruling planet Mercury, ends its retrograde on February 3 in the part of your chart that influences intimacy and what you share with others. It’s likely that you’ve recently had issues connecting with your deep emotional needs, your sexuality or with your partner. Akin to the landscape devouring itself in Robert Zehnder’s Carvings on the Bank, you may be engaging with fictions born of anxiety and uncertainty. As much as you want to, you can’t control or predict the uncharted territory inherent in love and partnership, but you can work to recognize patterns of self-sabotage or avoidance that may serve as responses to fear. The beginning of February provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 14th: for the next few weeks, you’ll feel your already-sharp wit honing in on new skills and the accumulation of knowledge. This is a great time to learn a new language or go deep with research. The full moon in Leo on the 16th presents an excellent opportunity to complete a writing project, or to discuss serious plans with your partner — on the same day, Mars and Venus meet to empower any love connections (and can make the energy extra sensual!). When the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’ll feel confident and focused in your career, and you’re likely to be recognized for your hard work.

Cancer + Cancer Rising

Observe the subject in Rachel Hayden’s Moth Trapped in a Rose Knot: symmetrical and balanced, the moth is protected by the chain border that surrounds a fleeting, magical scene. Security and balance are key to our most committed relationships, Cancer, and this month brings exciting changes — quickly — to your relationships. A new moon in the part of your chart that influences intimacy on the 1st encourages you to evaluate what changes you can make in your relationship, or how you approach commitment in general. This energy is bolstered by out-of-retrograde Venus and Mercury (which goes direct on the 3rd) in your house of partnerships, allowing for harmony and flowing communication with those you’re closest with. The Sun and Saturn meet on February 4, giving you the confidence to make (or break) a big commitment in your life or to deepen the bonds of an existing connection.

A full moon in Leo on the 16th may bring about a difficult realization related to your self-worth or finances, but a celestial meeting of Mars and Venus on the same day will give you the grace and confidence to address anything that surfaces. All the work you’ve done this month in your relationships will help ground you when the Sun moves into your fellow water sign of Pisces on the 18th — this period will encourage expansion in good faith, and adventure!

Leo + Leo Rising

Leo, everyone wants to be loved — you especially. With Mercury and Venus’ recent retrogrades, and Aquarius season putting focus on your relationships, you may be feeling that your romantic or creative life has been a bit stagnant. Don’t worry, with a new moon in Aquarius on February 1 — bolstered by Mercury going direct on the 3rd — things are sure to change quickly. Opportunities for romance, as well as a feeling of physical vigor, abound this month, but be careful not to burn yourself out. With support from Mars, the first two weeks of the month are excellent for self-care: it’s a great time to get active or get to work on building a routine.

A full moon in your sign on February 16 will bring about an emotional climax, and you may find yourself ruminating on how you want to be seen in relationships. Our reactions and expressions change when we’re perceived by one we love or trust, like the subject in Michon Sanders’s Momma Said It Was Okay, and the act of simply being with those you hold close can be validating. Be aware of this when the sun moves into Pisces on February 18, as your focus will shift to intimacy and how you can more deeply merge yourself with others.

Virgo + Virgo Rising

The beginning of February will be all about getting things in order, Virgo. Like the figure in Alexa Guariglia’s Saturday Sandwich, you’ll be able to perform self-appointed rituals that help you find a flow amidst the chaos. A new moon on the 1st gives you an opportunity to set a new routine that you’ll stick to, or make a to-do list of all of the things you’d like to accomplish at work. You may have found that a pile of obligations and busy work have gotten in the way of creative projects and fun, but when your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, any tasks will flow much more readily and allow for you to take it easy.

Mars and Venus come together on the 16th, and the days surrounding this event will be — for lack of a better term — hot. Plan a date or indulge yourself, and remember you’re allowed to take a break. When the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18, you’ll feel your focus shift to your closest relationships. This is a great time to make a commitment or start a new project with a business partner, so follow your heart!

Libra + Libra Rising

Have you been feeling misunderstood, Libra? Now that your ruling planet, Venus, is out of retrograde, you’ll feel much more able to express yourself romantically and creatively. This energy is bolstered by a new moon in Aquarius on February 1 — a great day to make art or make love. Collaborate and create something beautiful: imagine a blissful moment like the one depicted in Sophie Treppendahl’s Drawing With Friends. The beginning of the month is also a wonderful time to redecorate your home space, as you’ll have the energy and vision to implement any changes beautifully.

When Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14, I recommend taking time to journal or experiment with other ways of expression through the written word. You’ll find this useful when a full moon occurs on the 16th, lighting up your house of hopes and dreams: the energy is right for something truly magical to happen. You’ll be brought back down to earth as the Sun moves through Pisces starting February 18, as you’ll feel inclined to focus more on job responsibilities, your health, and your day-to-day routine.

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising

Welcome to February, Scorpio. With the Sun in Aquarius, your focus will be on your family, home, and security for the first two weeks of the month, and a new moon in the same sign on the 1st provides an opportunity to meditate on your current emotional state. Memories from the past or disagreements born out of miscommunication may have dredged up some uncomfortable feelings over the last month, but as Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, you’ll have an easier time processing and feeling heard.

I encourage you to observe how the enchanted household items in Oona Brangam-Snell’s Blue Inferno interact with the human hand. While the hand conveys emotion and cultural behaviors, the surrounding objects do much to inform the vaguely foreboding mood of the work: we often neglect to recognize the role our domestic environment and family history have on our behaviors. When Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 14th, you’ll be reminded of this — you may feel that anxieties surrounding the home and family are dissipating. This happens just in time for a full moon on the 16th that brings a climax in your professional life. It’s important to speak up if you feel like you’re not secure or fulfilled in your current role: it may be time to make a change. This may be the time to finally dedicate yourself to a creative project: the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, giving you the confidence you need to get things done.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising

Take a moment to look at Tristan Unrau’s Big Splash, Sagittarius. The painting “encourages viewers to participate in a game of associative thinking,” and Aquarius season asks the same of you — be sure to follow where your mind takes you. A new moon in Aquarius on the 1st provides you with an abundance of ideas and information. Take note of these mental downloads, especially those most whimsical: when grounding Saturn meets the Sun on the 4th, and you may receive a message that makes something seemingly impossible, possible. With Mercury ending its retrograde on the 3rd, any delays or frustrations surrounding your finances may begin to ease up as well.

A full moon on the 16th lights up your house of adventure, encouraging you to take a leap of faith into a new endeavor. Venus and Mars meet in the sky the same day — giving you the energy and support to hone in on the right path. If all of this excitement seems exhausting, don’t worry: you’ll feel encouraged to take time to rest up and center your emotions once the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th. This additional stability will allow you to further your plans of making your dreams reality.

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising

“Destroy in order to create, create in order to destroy,” writes Joe Zorilla in reference to his drawings like Mockingbird, acknowledging that one has the ability to change (or maintain) what they’ve come to possess. This month is about evaluating and changing your material resources and recognizing patterns of self-sabotage that interfere with personal growth and your values. With the Sun in Aquarius and a new moon on February 1 in the part of your chart that influences your finances, there is opportunity to reevaluate your position within the throes of capital. Mercury retrograde — which has led you to reflect on your self-image and long-term goals — comes to an end on the 3rd.

The full moon on the 16th in your house of transformation may bring about a profound change or realization in regards to your ego: perhaps you’ll see the reality of a self-destructive habit, or level with yourself about real changes you can implement to reach your goals. When the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’ll enter a period where ideas and messages (real or intuitive) are especially important: your mind is a powerful tool, and you have the ability to bring things into reality through ideation — and it’s up to you to decide if these things will be to your benefit.

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising

Happy Birthday, dear Aquarius! To start off, observe Gabriel Mills’s Aria 4, a work that employs an array of painting methods and encourages the viewer to contemplate the passage of time, which you’re wont to do this time of year. If these meditations have led you toward reflective solitude, February gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the IRL in an exciting way. On the 1st of the month, a new moon in your sign reorients you with your physical body and encourages you to begin moving in a new direction: clarity about which way you’re headed will come easily when Mercury ends its retrograde on the 3rd. Be sure to take note of any recurring motifs in your dreams or intuitive pulls for the next few weeks.

If planetary retrogrades and difficult planetary transits have led to miscommunications or tension with a close friend or a significant other, the full moon on the 16th is sure to bring about conversations that address the issue. This is an excellent time to evaluate what you each contribute to the dynamic, and any trust issues getting in the way of bliss. As Aquarius season comes to an end on the 18th as the Sun enters Pisces, your focus shifts toward more material goals. Abundance is possible, and available to you during this time, so go get it!

Pisces + Pisces Rising

Your connection to the spiritual world, the subconscious, and your interior landscape is often stronger than the other signs, Pisces, and Aquarius season provides the perfect environment to receive intuitive messages — let yourself dive in. Pay specific attention to your dreams on February 1, when a new moon makes the night sky go dark, as they may be trying to tell you something important. When Mercury ends its retrograde on the 3rd, you’ll be able to process any psychic downloads and begin to meditate more on your hopes, dreams and place among the collective.

In Hasani Sahlehe’s Albert, the artist uses found materials and a spirited palette to explore themes of memory, migration and the supernatural. By bringing the ephemeral into the physical, we’re able to produce results imbued with a spiritual energy; a full moon in Leo on the 16th could bring attention to the mundane: your body, your daily routine and your health. Use any subconscious information that has come to the surface over the last month to inform any changes you enact in these areas, and your mind-body connection will thank you for it. On the 18th, the sun moves into your sign — happy birthday! The next month will be an excellent time to enjoy yourself, revisit your long-term goals and build your self-confidence.

Lauren Studebaker is a writer and trained astrologer based in New York, and works as the Deputy Editor at Outland. For more information, or to book an astrological consultation, visit her website at